2015 Boston Eater Awards Highlight Downtown Restaurants

Posted December 8, 2015 by Paul Fey in Eat & Drink

Last month, Eater announced their 2015 Eater Awards to highlight and recognize the best of the best in the Boston restaurant and bar scene. After a combination of critical insight and popular opinion, the winners were named, and our dear Downtown took home two first place awards and a couple of nominee and finalist nods too.

First up, the Stone Cold Stunner Award, which means “best restaurant design” in Eater terminology. This year, the recognition goes to Yvonne’s, and absolutely easily apparent as to why. It’s interior immediately relocates its patrons a century or so into the past. There’s a series of three beautiful gold chandeliers in the center of an elaborately designed white ceiling, under which classy white tables and salmon-colored cushioned chairs sit, and are set against a maroon and white patterned Victorian wallpaper background. This wall features a portrait of woman in nature and gold-fixtured lights.

Meanwhile, a nearby corner takes on the feeling of an ostentatious and secluded study. Books dwell inside built-in shelves framing three more beautifully done portrait paintings. Take a cocktail and a confidant, and enjoy the atmosphere from one of the red, purple, or grey seats. Speaking of drinks, the bar itself deserves an award on its own, with its gleaming stone counter, and ornately carved wooden freeze and mirror background. Behind this bar, Bartender of Year Nominee and Finalist, Will Thompson, provides patrons with beer and wine, and mixes Yvonne’s cocktails with names King Louie, Ladder District, and 1989 in honor of its opening.

With opening date being nearly three decades ago, its perhaps surprising that it was also nominated for Eater’s So Hot Right Now Award. While housed in a building first constructed in 1832, and fittingly located in historic Downtown Boston on 2 Winter Street, Yvonne’s has created a hip and contemporary image. And with their stellar and adventurous menu featuring pita dishes, social plates like chicken and quinoa meatballs, or grilled octopus, and snacks like baked oysters and buttermilk hush puppies, Yvonne’s is a perennially hot place to eat.

Furthermore, Downtown Boston is proud to be the home of Townsman, the 2015 Eater Restaurant of the Year. Located at 120 Kingston Street on the Rose Kennedy Greenway, Townsman fuses the aesthetic of a good-old-days neighborhood joint with an eye for chic and modern design. For the interior look, that results in simple white tables and barn-red chairs in an open dining room with white glass orbs hanging from the industrial ceiling. The restaurant also features a massive tiled depiction of a wolf and a girl in a brightly checked shirt.

When it comes to the food, this same aesthetic delivers exciting takes on hearty classics. From the minds of owner and chefs, Matt and Kate Jennings, Townsman offers a brasserie-inspired menu with quite lyrical names like Moosabec Mussels, Carrot Creste de Gallo Pasta, and classic Braised Pork Shank. The appetizers compliment the modern country vibe with starters like clam chowder, heirloom apple salad, and crispy hen egg. Or, choose cheeses, cured meat, cold seafood, and crudo options “from the counter.”

Townsman is a Downtown restaurant, yes, but its seasonal menu reflects and celebrates the influences of the entire New England region. Fittingly, Townsman sources its pristine ingredients from the surrounding area with an eye for sustainability. For this, the food, and more, Townsman is Eaters 2015 Restaurant of the Year.

So drive, walk, or take the T in to celebrate this years Downtown restaurant award winners and give yourself a great meal and eating experience in the process.