AMC Loew’s Boston Common Wants to Take Movie Beverages Up a Notch

Posted August 13, 2015 by Cheryl Fenton in Business
AMC Loews

The “dinner and a movie” concept could become a little more seamless in Boston, if AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. has its way. Parent company to the AMC Loew’s Movie Theater on the Common, they’re attempting to get the OK to serve alcohol to movie-goers at this popular downtown Boston movie theater.

They’re waiting on a decision from their recent visit to the Boston Licensing Board about whether they can turn their already-in-place second-floor cafe into the company’s well-known MacGuffin Bar & Lounge. A term coined by Alfred Hitchcock in 1939, “MacGuffin” means a plot device that motivates the characters and moves the story along, “like the ring in Lord of the Rings, or the Ark of the Covenant in Raiders of the Lost Ark,” according to the AMC site. One can only assume that this movie theater chain is hoping that by serving alcohol, the cocktails, beer and wine will help motivate potential guests to choose this theater over others. Well played, AMC.

And don’t worry about having to sit out the show just to get a sip or two in, or chugging your beer because you’re missing the movie. The drinks you order will be allowed inside the theaters – a good thing since it’s business as usual once the show has started. Read: Just because there’s a bar, doesn’t mean there’s an intermission. So if your movie is at a pivotal point, you’re going to have to hustle back from the bar and its incredible view.

“It’s going to have a million dollar view of the park,” AMC Senior Vice President for Food and Beverage George Patterson told of the sights seen out the huge floor-to-ceiling windows. Although the sites are million-dollar, the drinks will be more reasonable than those at Fenway or Patriot Place. They also promise to have fun giveaways as well as limited time craft cocktails (is there a Minion martini in the works?). This summer, existing MacGuffins were toasting the warmer months with refreshing beer cocktails, created by blending cool brews and citrusy top shelf spirits for shandys and ginger mules. Cleary, this addition would definitely be much more than a guy behind a bar handing you a beer. They put some actual thought into their libations. Bravo.

According to a Boston Business Journal article, Patterson said in an interview that the chain is investing heavily in Massachusetts and “alcohol service is an important part of that.”

If they’re given the go-ahead, this Boston Common movie theater wouldn’t be the first location in Massachusetts to offer this bonus beverage service. There are four theaters in the state already that serve alcohol – Assembly Row in Somerville, Methuen, Framingham, and Dartmouth. And 347 other AMC theater locations across the country currently serve to their patrons.

Being able to pair a chilling thriller with a cold IPA or a romantic comedy with a nice glass of Merlot? We’ll drink to that.

AMC Loew’s Movie Theater on the Common is located at 175 Tremont Street.