Avenue One Is a Crowd-Pleaser

Posted August 30, 2013 by Jen Dorman in Downtown Crossing
Avenue One Decor

Dining out is fun, but selecting a restaurant can be a chore. Finding a restaurant in the right setting that can please everyone’s taste buds is a daunting task!

One of my friends is extremely selective about what she eats. On the other end of the spectrum, I like to order adventurously. Is it possible for us to enjoy dishes from the same menu? I was up for the challenge and made a reservation for her to join me for dinner at Avenue One.

Located inside the Hyatt Regency in the Theater District of downtown Boston, the destination was easy for both of us to get to after work. It has a sleek setting, outfitted with extra seating in the bar area and modern furniture in the roomy dining area. A large, purple lighting structure drew our attention to the middle of the room, while lush gray velvet seating and subtle pink flowers on the tables accented our surroundings with a soft touch. The space was fun yet refined, right for a professional dinner, a date, and even a meal with family or friends. As I enjoyed a meal with my friend, we saw business meetings, family dinners, and a romantic evening unfolding between two lovebirds.

Just as the decor suits many types of people, the cuisine pleases a variety of tastes. There are many small bites on the menu, ranging from lobster crab fondue to chicken satay with peanut sauce. Lighter fares such as shrimp scampi and grilled flatbreads are also available, in addition to heartier dishes such as roasted chicken and potato-chip-encrusted cod.

Avenue One Salmon Dish

Design your own dinner at Avenue One with a customizable menu. Photo credit: Jen Dorman.

I was drawn to the Create Your Own Entree option, which offers a combination of the diner’s choice. I selected salmon as my protein, added Indian spice as my seasoning, topped it with vegetables, and opted for broccoli as my side item. With more than seven choices in each category—protein, seasoning, topping, and side—the Create Your Own Entree combinations are nearly limitless. My friend selected a cheeseburger and Caesar salad. We both enjoyed our meals with a glass of wine. The dishes were carefully prepared, just as we had ordered.

Though our tastes are very different, dining at Avenue One was an experience both of us enthusiastically enjoyed. Whether you are dining with a picky eater, your boss, or your mother, Avenue One is one place you can all go and be pleased with. Just don’t take everyone there on the same night!



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