BalletBoyz Come to the Schubert Theatre

Posted January 28, 2016 by Paul Fey in Theater & Arts
BalletBoyz is here only for one weekend.

For two nights only, Boston’s Schubert Theatre plays host to one of the leading innovators and original performances in dance, British import BalletBoyz. The company, featuring ten male dancers, redefines the boundaries of modern dance and physical motion.

After meeting and performing as principals at England’s Royal Ballet in London, Michael Nunn and Billy Trevitt, already known as dynamic dancers and personalities in the dance community, partnered together to found BalletBoyz in 2000. Novel in nature, the company’s style revolutionized contemporary dance. In an interview with Timeout London, Nunn explained the nature of its innovation, “We created accessible dance with inaccessible steps.” After ten years of touring internationally, and winning awards, Nunn and Trevitt retired from the stage.

They didn’t wander far, though, transitioning into mentors, coaches and producers of the next iteration of BalletBoyz, theTalent. After selecting ten male dancers from a variety of dance backgrounds and levels of experience, Nunn and Trevitt became the leaders of a company that later won the National Award for Best Independent Company in 2013. After fifteen years of BalletBoyz, the group embarks on their 2016 international tour, generating as much excitement as ever. Nunn commented, “I suppose if you think the novelty is that it’s all men, that would wear off in five minutes. What still excites me is that people come thinking, ‘huh, an all-male dance, that’s unusual.’ And within five minutes forget that they’re all men.”

BalletBoyz brings their original and innovative prowess across the pond to the Boston’s Schubert Theatre. The modern dance defies genre and expectations. Full of energy and grace, the Guardian hailed the show as “a paradox of muscular impact and weightless flight.” If it’s anything like their previous performances, the dancers will leap and contort and hold each other suspended in the air to both cello and electronic music, accompanied by overhead film clips.

Specifically, BalletBoyz at the Schubert Theatre will feature two commissions from leading British choreographers, Alexander Whitley and Christopher Wheeldon. Whitley’s piece, “The Murmuring,” has been described as powerful, pulsing through unstable shapes and fluid motions. Taking inspiration from natural chaotic systems, “those that exist in a state of dynamic disequillibrium,” “The Murmuring,” reflects on the human tensions in the ever-changing nature of life to the score of electronic duo Raime.

Wheeldon’s “Mesmerics” features a more classic concept. Originally choreographed by Nunn, Trevitt and Oxana Pochenko in 2003, the piece naturally grew to the size of the entire BalletBoyz company. The classical shapes flow, displaying a grace and nobility. Reviewer Siobhan Morgan of London Dance commented, “the piece builds rich and interlocking patterns,” and with a mesmerizing effect.

Tickets can be purchased at the Celebrity Series of Boston site. As a part of the celebrity series, if you purchase BalletBoyz and at least two other performances within the series, you’ll receive exchange privileges, lost ticket protection, special offers, guaranteed subscriber prices all season long, and special offers on single tickets for most events.

The all-male company will grace the already graceful stage of the Schubert Theatre on Tremont Street. Originally built in 1910 for Shakespeare plays exclusively, and coined as the “Little Princess” of the Boston Theater district by Josiah A. Spaulding, the venue is intimate and ornate at once. Take your red theater seat among the beautiful white molding, golden wreaths, and low-overhanging balcony for the BalletBoyz fascinating artistic expression.