Beat the Heat with Downtown Boston’s Juice and Smoothie Bars

Posted August 4, 2014 by Kayla Baker in Eat & Drink
Cocobeet detox

Boston is regarded as one of America’s healthiest cities due to its easy walkability and its numerous healthy restaurants. Especially in the summertime, Boston residents will be looking for somewhere to stop for a thirst quenching juice or smoothie. Thankfully, Downtown Boston has an array of juice bars and smoothie shops with options that cater to everyone, from the mildly health conscious to the experienced cleansers.

If you’re looking for a healthy place to stop for a quick meal or snack, look no further than Freshii. Located at 100 High Street, Freshii serves up a mix of refreshing juices and smoothies that are both nutritious and filling; the strawberry banana is a personal favorite, but they have flavor options for every palate. Freshii also has a number of healthy breakfast and lunch choices, from yogurt to salads to burritos. Anyone who is concerned with healthy eating can find something to satisfy them at Freshii.

Avid gym goers would agree that there’s nothing more refreshing after a strenuous workout than a cold juice or smoothie, and nobody knows that better than Squeeze Juice Bar. Located at 225 Franklin Street, Squeeze is situated at the front entrance of the Equinox gym and has everything you need to refuel after a workout. Their juices and smoothies are packed with protein and essential vitamins to help keep your nutrition balanced. In addition to over a dozen fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies, Squeeze also has acai bowls for the perfect pre or post-gym snack. Whether you’re a morning, midday, or evening athlete, Squeeze has you covered.

While some people may be wary of embracing a total juice cleanse, Cocobeet has found a way to introduce Bostonians to this popular detox method in an easy and delicious manner. Cocobeet offers a large variety of grab-and-go items such as cold pressed juices, bottled smoothies, prepackaged sandwiches and salads, as well as other healthy meals and snacks. Conveniently located at 100 City Hall Plaza, Downtown Boston residents can stop in before work for a quick healthy breakfast or can pick up a supply of juices after work. These grab-and-go items help people introduce raw, nutrient-dense foods into their diet slowly. For example, the Mocha Espresso power smoothie has all the familiar flavors of a blended coffee drink, making it an easy healthy alternative. Then, once your body has gotten used to these foods, Cocobeet offers customized juice cleanses that help detox your body in a safe and effective manner. Their knowledgeable staff is happy to help anyone interested in a juice cleanse learn what works best for their body, whether it is for a one-time breakfast stop or a week-long juice cleanse.

As the scorching summer continues, health-conscious Downtown residents have many great options to keep them hydrated and fueled with fresh fruit juices and smoothies. Whether you’re looking for a frozen fruity treat on a hot day, a good dose of protein after a workout, or a full juice cleanse detox, Downtown Boston has everything you need to stay healthy.


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