Blank Label Sizes Up Downtown Crossing for New Location

Posted July 7, 2014 by Cheryl Fenton in Business
Blanks Label

With the addition of its latest men’s shop, Downtown Crossing is beginning to fit quite nicely into Boston’s up-and-coming fashion scene. And by fit, I mean in a custom sort of way.

The Back Bay-based men’s clothier Blank Label opened its second showroom in Boston with the unveiling of its store at 36 Bromfield Street. This site has some serious size (not that size matters), measuring in at 1,200 square feet, and is an aesthetic nod towards the neighborhood’s “banker” vibe in its design. Even the very building this new Pattern Room is in, a professional location that has hosted Boston’s top corporate people since 1872, says “I mean business.”

And so Blank Label gets to the business of dressing Boston’s men. As a one-on-one custom experience, it’ll be just you sitting in a comfy chair, sipping scotch in a highball glass and enjoying having a dedicated pro with a measuring tape fit you to a T. But there’s not a T-shirt in sight, considering the high-end offerings Blank Label boasts to its clients. Think fully-customizable half and full-canvassed suits, blazers, trousers and tuxedos.

Whatever your pleasure, Blank Label provides – peak or notched lapels, single or double-breasted jackets, roped or natural shoulders. This is just a short list of customizations that the sharp-dressed man enjoys when building out his wardrobe from an everyday, casual blazer to Bond-worthy formalwear, and every pair of chinos in between.

Blank Label Coming to DTX

The Blank Label space is right in the middle of it all.

“None of the suits you see in the showroom are as-is,” says Michael Kinlin of Blank Label. “The level of casualness or formality is entirely up to the customer.” And they also deal in numbers, how fitting for Downtown’s financial set. They offer suits in super 100s, 130s and 170s wools in a variety of weights and weaves. There are breathable linens and cotton chinos for summer, and down-lined cashmere overcoats for the winters we would like to forget but know will eventually return. The solid foundational fabrics also come with pedigrees, are available with a beaded pinstripe, and include menswear classics like glen plaid or bird’s eye coming from Australia, Asia or Italy, often times in limited-run batches. You can even top off your suit du jour with a knit or silk handmade tie, pocket square and cuff links as you grab the well-dressed concept by the horns.

Sure, the space is right in the middle of it all (two blocks away from the bustling Boston Common and one floor above the crowded street), but the intimate feeling of just-you-and-your-tailor offers a sense of comfort, care and exclusivity. This is exactly what draws men to Blank Label above all the larger menswear shops.

Appointments are available Monday through Friday 9am to 7pm, but don’t plan on just strolling in and expecting to be seen. Rumor has it that the new showroom is booking up quickly. It seems that Downtown Boston’s men really have plans to look dapper this summer.


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