Boston ArtWeek Brings Artistic Amusement To Downtown Crossing

Posted April 28, 2016 by Jon Erik Christianson in Theater & Arts
The David Blackwood cocktail, inspired by the visual artist at Ames Street Deli!.

New England’s flourishing art scene convenes twice a year for a week-long celebration: Boston Artweek. This year’s first installment of the event—which has been an award-winning and successful city staple since 2013—lasts from Friday, April 29 to Sunday, May 8. Over its duration, 170+ events will help unite and entertain the region’s bustling arts communities.

ArtWeek Boston celebrates every type of artistic endeavor. Fans of visual art will find galleries with paintings, sculptures, and street art exhibitions. Those with a taste for music will find orchestras, concerts, symposiums, and musical performances. There are also events for film buffs, theater fans, fashion aficionados, and jewelry artisans.

According to the event’s website, Artweek—since its inception—has featured more than 400 total events, connected with nearly 500 organizations, and reached out to 45 different neighborhoods and towns.

Within art genres, there are events that cater to different interests and needs. Budding art students may take interest in Q&A’s, classes, and educational lectures. Those in mid-career may find opportunities to vend their wares and take advantage of vital networking opportunities. Art hobbyists will also encounter casual events that are simply designed to relax and entertain. Some events require paid admission; the majority, however, do not.

The first official event of ArtWeek serves as a preview for the week, and is actually hosted on the evening of the 28th. Arts & Om invites guests to practice vinyasa yoga in the historic Wang Theatre Grand Lobby. How often do you have the opportunity to stretch your muscles, mingle, and grab wine in one of the city’s most regal and luxurious theater venues?

Another highlight (and classic) is the Open Runway, with the 2016 edition hosted by Jay Calderin, Boston Fashion Week (an annual Boston favorite) founder and executive director. Watch as fashion designs are strutted through Downtown Crossing in the open air. This event assembles fashion talent from across New England, and is an ideal way to stay ahead of upcoming fashion trends. Calderin will be joined by four designers who launched their fashion careers in past Boston Fashion Week events.

Before Open Runway, consider taking a stroll through the ArtWeek Kick-off at the Boston Public Market. Within the market, attendees will get to peruse the stunning works of artists from the socially conscious and forward-thinking ArtLifting program. ArtLifting provides homeless and disabled artists with the resources and finances to create and foster their creative careers. If any of the pieces enchant you, feel free to buy prints of these artworks—doing so will give back to the most marginalized of Boston’s art community.

Other Downtown Crossing-accessible events include a CraftBoston Spring Guided Tour, the Art + Business: Making to Lead panel and tour, the Queer Threads Opening and Curatorial Walk-Through, and the Boston Flow – Pro Hooper Starter Kit! event for aspiring spinners.

Many of the events are ideal for group outings and family excursions. A full calendar of the week’s events may be found here. For detailed descriptions of the events, check out the Events page of ArtWeek’s website.