Boston by Little Feet: Kids Step Into History

Posted June 23, 2014 by Rosalind Saul in Downtown Boston
Boston By Little Feet

Living in the Northeast, it’s tough not to feel connected to the deep history embedded in the very bones of this region. This history, fundamental to the formation of our country as we know it, is an important part of not just local but national pride and culture. What better way to learn about it than to experience it, and what better way for your child to understand it than to be right there with you? Just because summer is coming and your child is looking forward to her long-anticipated summer break that doesn’t mean she has to stop learning. The best way to instill a love of history is to live it, and that’s exactly what Boston By Little Feet hopes to help young learners do!

The Freedom Trail of Downtown Boston is a great summer adventure for kids and adults of any age, but Boston by Little Feet makes the attraction particularly accessible to young walkers (it’s really designed for visitors aged 6-12). Shorter and faster than the traditional Freedom Trail walk, this walk is specifically crafted to cater to big minds in little bodies. Imagine the wonder of learning about the Boston massacre while standing on the very site of the Boston massacre. It’s one thing to picture Ben Franklin flying his kite and read about it in a book, but on this tour you’ll actually get to see the action! Adding a fresh new dimension to American history is just an afternoon away with Boston by Little Feet.

Your adventure begins in front of Faneuil Hall under the statue of Sam Adams. There, you will encounter your knowledgeable guide and receive a complimentary Explorer’s Map which will help your child to formulate deep probing questions about history. He may then ask these questions of the guide, or even try to answer them himself with his newfound knowledge. The Explorer’s Map also makes a great souvenir to remember your experience by; and a great memory-jogger for when American History simply seems a bit too dull and plodding from inside the classroom walls.

The walk will proceed down a portion of Downtown Boston’s Freedom Trail, and will include a stroll along part of Boston’s original coastline. As you go, your guide is fully equipped to educate you and your child about Boston’s role in American history, the tools and materials utilized to build the city of Boston, and the landmarks that you will encounter along the way.

The walk includes stops at classic Boston favorites including the State House, the Old South Meeting House, the site of the first Public School in Boston, and the oldest burial ground in the city. There are a total of ten stops on the voyage; quite a trip through the expanse of history! The guide will also point out several fun and interesting pieces of culture along the way including The Royal Lion and Unicorn, Shem Drowne’s Grasshopper, and the Democratic Donkey.

Boston by Little Feet is an endeavor of Boston by Foot: a local organization dedicated to educating the public about the city’s deep history. Tickets to Boston by Little Feet are available to the general public, and the tour is free to members of Boston by Foot. Not only will this tour help you celebrate the history of this great city, but it will simultaneously work to create a new generation to guard that history for years to come.


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