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Posted June 6, 2014 by Lindsey Daniels in Business
Caffe Nero

Residents of Millennium Place and anyone who lives or works in downtown Boston now have a new Starbucks alternative when it comes to picking up that morning latte or Americano. Caffe Nero, an award-winning master roaster and European coffee house, opened in mid-May on Washington Street. Caffe Nero is one of the largest coffee house operators in Europe and has over 600 locations in Europe. DTX is their first U.S. location. If all goes well with Millennium Partners, as it should, Caffe Nero will expand throughout New England. If that’s so, I say bring it on.

I waited a couple weeks in case the staff had any kinks to work out, but apparently I needn’t have worried. When I went, the barista who took my order told me that they had been quite busy since opening. I only intended to get a simple latte and a muffin, but the croissants looked so good that I changed my mind at the last minute and got a chocolate croissant. It was so rich, flaky, and buttery that I’m only going to get my croissants here in the future. Au Bon Pain and Starbucks have nothing on this place! I also picked up a caprese baguette for my lunch.

I took a seat at one of the tables by the window to engage in DTX people-watching, one of my favorite things to do. While the people watching was definitely rewarding, I was also pleased to note how many of the tables had outlets nearby. This would be an ideal place for a business meeting or working lunch, and is sure to become popular with the Emerson and Suffolk students nearby. I also made note of the plush chairs and the fireplace, which is definitely going to be popular in the winter months.

Baked Goods Caffe Nero

When you’re craving that mid-afternoon sugary snack, Caffe Nero’s cookies, sweet breads, cakes, cannolis, and chocolate snacks are sure to please. Photo Credit: Jackie P. via Yelp.

They have an extensive menu of breakfast and lunch sandwiches, along with grab and go items like yogurt parfaits, smoothies and salads. When you’re craving that mid-afternoon sugary snack, Caffe Nero’s cookies, sweet breads, cakes, cannolis, and chocolate snacks are sure to please. If you are planning to visit, be prepared to wait in line as word is getting out around downtown that Nero has moved in. However, the line seems to move fairly quickly (at least it did on my visit), and there are plenty of food and drink-makers on hand to get your order to you quickly. If you’re really worried, you can also call ahead with your order. The barista did tell me that they plan to change up the menu quite a lot, so you may not be able to get the same salad on Wednesday that you had Monday. For some, this might be frustrating. As I loved everything I had from Nero, I say it’s just a chance to try more delicious things.

Apparently, Caffe Nero employs Italian coffee roasters who are renowned for their knowledge and commitment to craft. The coffee house then trains its baristas extensively in the science of preparing coffee and espresso drinks in the classic Italian tradition. Translation: The barista who is brewing your morning cup isn’t just pressing buttons on a modern espresso machine. She is testing the temperature of the water, inspecting the fineness of the grind, timing the brew, foaming the milk to the perfect temperature, and mixing the ingredients with care and precision. The result is a beverage that just might make you think you’ve crossed the pond and stumbled into a veritable Italian caffe.

Caffe Nero is on the Washington Street side of Millennium Place, between Avery St and Avenue de Lafayette.


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