Lion King Boston Opera House

King of the Concrete Jungle

Ever since its 1997 debut on Broadway, The Lion King has provided a veritable visual feast for theatre goers in its New York home. This year, the production has taken to the road which means that this musical sensation is playi...

The Monty Python (Mostly) Live Show

Monty Python Live at Paramount

This summer marks the end of an era: After more than 45 years of performing sketch comedy together, the Monty Python crew will have their final curtain call and cease giving live performances as a group. Before you Python fans ...

Boston Opera House Phantom of Opera

Phantom of the Opera Thrills Boston Opera House

It’s a classic love story. Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Boy causes horrible things to happen to others to further girl’s career until he finally wants something in return, girl says no, and he kidnap...

The Wilbur Theatre is bringing big names to Boston

Comedy Shows in Boston Highlight Hollywood Stars

Beginning this week, a slew of Hollywood's A-list comedians will make appearances at the Wilbur Theatre, performing comedy shows in Boston.

Sweet Honey in The Rock

5 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month in Boston

Looking for ways to celebrate Black History Month in Boston? Take some time out this February to get a more nuanced view of the history of Boston.

VIP swag from last May's Boston Calling.

2014 Happenings in Downtown Boston Not to be Missed

You've seen every flick at the AMC. Cheered on all the sports teams (and have the swag to show for it). You're ready for a change-up on the event front...

Once the Musical will run at Boston Opera House January 7-19.

Once the Musical Takes the Stage in Boston

Confession: I don't always take kindly to musicals. Once the Musical, on the other hand, could make even me a believer.

Penn & Teller

Madness Meets Magic with Penn & Teller at Boston’s Shubert Theatre

Our theater scene hasn't seen the funny side of magic in over 10 years. But it's finally back. Local boys Penn & Teller bring their irreverent brand of...

The Blue Man Group; credit: David Hawe

The Blue Man Group Adds Color to the Theatre District

Usually when I'm positioned to have marshmallows biffed off my head, paint splashed on my shirt or chewed up pieces of Cap'n Crunch cereal all over me,...

reenactment of Boston Tea Party

Modern History: Revolution and Innovation Intersect at The Boston Tea Party Museum

The phrase "Tea Party" has come to have such a different connotation in recent years, it's easy to forget that the Boston Tea Party happened 240 years ago.