Christmas Eve Dinner: Eat Out This Year

Posted December 23, 2013 by Sarah Stanley in Eat & Drink
Old City Hall, home to Ruth's Chris.

Let’s hit the fast-forward button on life, for just a second. Say that it’s finally Christmas Eve. You’ve spent almost a full holiday season reveling with the best of them. Another day of frenzied festivity — ahem, Christmas — awaits. So tonight, you need to save your energy. You’re ready to relax. And cooking? Not feeling it.

This is where you’re in luck. Downtown Boston boasts a bevy of restaurants that’ll be serving Christmas Eve dinner. And, with that, here are a few picks to assist in your planning.

First up: one of my all-time favorite spots, Marliave. Each year, this endearing Downtown establishment hosts a Feast of Seven Fishes, which is a centuries-old Christmas Eve tradition in Italy. It’s believed that whoever takes part in the feast receives good luck and good fortune for the coming year. If the name didn’t tip you off, it’s a seafood-based meal, comprised of three courses. (Be sure to make reservations in advance.) Not a bad way to take a break from the holiday craziness.

Marliave Restaurant

Marliave Restaurant will serve their Italian tradition of The Feast of Seven Fishes. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons by user Daderot.

Just a couple of blocks away from Marliave, steak mecca Ruth’s Chris will also be open for Christmas Eve dinner. Located in historic Old City Hall, the dining room is every bit the dim, cozy environment in which one could wile the hours away, just eating, drinking, and being merry with loved ones. Considering their famed menu — a mouthwatering lineup of award-winning steaks, sides, and more — said wiling is almost certain to become a reality. (You may feel as if you’ll never want to leave.) If you’re looking for that old-school, Christmas-in-the-city feel, at this spot, you can’t go wrong.

Or maybe you’re hoping to spike your Christmas Eve with a little downtown edge. In that case, cue BOND Restaurant and Lounge, located inside the Langham Hotel. This hotspot will be open on the 24th; and between their cocktails, of-the-moment dinner menu, and totally unique setting (true story: it was once a vault), BOND definitely has all the makings for one seriously memorable night out.

My advice? Zero in on your Christmas Eve destination ASAP, make a reservation, then reap all the delicious — and stress-free! — benefits come December 24th. You’ll be very glad you did.



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