City Council Closing In On the Right Decision

Posted April 25, 2017 by Andrew Luke in Business
Winthrop Square

The decision has always seemed simple enough to us here at the Voice. $153 million in exchange for allowing a few extra stories on a new building. Given that the $153 million would go toward much needed upgrades to green space and public housing in the city, there is not much to think about here.

The cash is part of the offer from developer Millennium Boston for the site of the old garage at Winthrop Square. They have proposed a 775-foot tower on the site. Opponents of the project were vocal about their displeasure at a City Council meeting Monday, but many who feel the development will be good for the city were there in force as well. Most council members suggested they would side with the supporters, which seems to be the smart and clear choice to us. Read all about it on the Globe website.