Cool Down at Frost Ice Bar in Faneuil Hall — Now Open

Posted September 11, 2013 by Jen Dorman in Eat & Drink
Frost Ice Bar Drinks

Sweating isn’t cool. New Englanders prefer to chill out! The summer has been steamy, but an iced-out lounge area has just opened its doors. Winter-loving Bostonians are now welcoming Frost Ice Bar to Faneuil Hall.

Frost Ice Bar is New England’s only permanent indoor ice bar. And yes, it’s made entirely of ice. It’s also the world’s largest such venue! Similar watering holes have appeared in Norway, Alaska, Sweden, London, Tokyo, and St. Petersburg.

Imagine the satisfaction of escaping the summer heat and surrounding yourself with glistening ice. You won’t have to suffer having a warm drink at this joint! The atmosphere is maintained at a refreshing 21 degrees Fahrenheit, and furniture is carved by hand from blocks of ice. The scene is set with unique ice sculptures and handcrafted cocktails served in glasses made of ice. Don’t worry about freezing; insulated capes and gloves are provided to each guest upon admission.

Frost Ice Bar Lounge

Chill out in Frost Ice Bar in the coolest seating area around. Photo credit: Elevin Studios.

If you want to chill out at Frost Ice Bar, you can be shivering before the temperature drops outdoors. Doors opened August 30 at the location on the third floor of Faneuil Hall, above American Eagle Outfitters.

You can cool down here any day of the week. Getting in this iced-out bar requires a ticket for a specific entry time. Depending on availability, tickets get you in every 15 minutes. Since the maximum stay is 45 minutes, this is a prime location to begin your evening—being cool, calm, collected, and with all your buddies. The first entry time is 12:00 p.m., and the last guests of the night are welcomed at 11:00 p.m. This winterized attraction will be open year-round.

If you’d rather hit the ski slopes than be a beach bunny, you’ve got to check out this bar. What type of cold drink do you think will taste best sipped from a glass made out of ice?



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