Cuisine for a Cause: The 6th Annual Boston Chili Cup

Posted March 2, 2015 by Georgina Castellucci in Eat & Drink
Ned Devine's

On Thursday a host of Boston’s latest and greatest restaurants gathered at Ned Devine’s in Faneuil Hall with their carefully and uniquely crafted bowls of chili. The 6th annual Boston Chili Cup strives to raise money for employment facilitating non-profit organization Community Work Services.

Hosted by Boston Herald sports reporter and ABC’s The Taste Season 3 Finalist Jen Royle, the evening was one full of spice and friendly competition. It also included live music by up and coming Alec MacGillivray, a country music star who has opened for the likes of Kellie Pickler and Keith Urban.

Dillon's Chili

Dillon’s garnished their chili with creme fraiche, bacon fat and poblano chiles. Photo Credit: Georgina Catellucci.

Guests were greeted warmly and provided a “silver” spoon to carry with them through their fiery culinary journey.

With more than twenty types of chili being enjoyed by the chic crowd of millennials, there was sure to be a dish to satisfy all palettes. And for the thirsty, moderate samples of a sweet blue Jose Cuervo cocktail were passed around, which was the perfect compliment to an almost never ending supply of the salty and savory.

Representatives from eateries that included Downtown neighbors Anthem Kitchen & Bar, Mija Cantina & Tequila Bar, Wheelhouse and more, were in their most festive gear getting patrons in an upbeat mood from the moment they entered each room. Most enthusiastic were host Ned Devine’s girls, dressed in pink and green from head to toe while offering both fiery and mild selections.

Southie’s Lincoln Tavern crew was decked out in all black while dishing out a three bean and short rib chili with sharp cheddar, sour cream, pickled jalapeno and topped with a cube of buttery cornbread. Downtown favorite The Tap Trailhouse pitched a flavorful Harpoon stout venison version while Community Work Services offered a delightful vegan friendly five-bean gumbo. Wheelhouse’s “El Monstrou Verde” was an inspired blend of hatch chili base, braised pork and tomatillo topped with house made pork rind.

My personal favorite was Dillon’s, who garnished their chili with creme fraiche, bacon fat and poblano chiles. Their two representatives sported matching sweatbands, T-shirts, aviators and necklaces for good luck.

Causeway Chili

Causeway Restaurant and Bar was the winner of the 6th Annual Chili Cup. Photo Credit: Georgina Catellucci

Not limited solely to chili, the event featured sponsor Nola’s Fresh Foods, on hand providing a generous sampling of their locally made Fire Roasted Corn & Black Bean salsa and refreshing Salsa Fresca to enjoy with delicious Tortilleria La Nina tortilla chips.

While reigning champ Bambara brought their A-game, new underdog Causeway Restaurant & Bar took the shiny first place cup with Wheelhouse coming in second (earning them a large bottle of Jose Cuervo) and Tico at a close third! Fun note: Tico took first in 2013.

CWS has provided services for the community for over 100 years including career training, job placement and additional support services in furthering advancement and economic self-sufficiency for graduates of their programs.

Community Work Services also serves business and government sectors, providing quality Assembly & Packaging, Catering & Food Services, Staffing Solutions and more. Revenue earned through these services are used to further expand their employment programs.

It was a belly-warming night of fun to support those who help keep Boston working, and a delicious way to give back to the community.