David’s Tea: A Modern Take on a Traditional Boston Brew

Posted March 28, 2014 by Luke Olsen in Eat & Drink
The Famous Tea Wall

Caffeine: many of us enjoy it in one form or another. In the past decade, there has been an explosion of new ways to get your fix, from various types of drinks to sprays. Having a good cup of coffee is usually great, but sometimes, despite the many varieties and forms this standby can come in, we crave something different. For those of you suffering from coffee and energy drink fatigue, David’s Tea, at 298 Washington Street, is the perfect cure. Established in 2012 and located just feet from the Old South Meeting House, this location provides the perfect juxtaposition of new and old and is sure to give you your caffeine fix, and much more.

Tea in this city has come a long way since it steeped in the harbor as the product of defiance. From the few varieties shipped all the way from China in the 18th century, Bostonians now crave not only the standard black and green blends, but also everything from darjeeling to oolong. Tea consumption has doubled in the U.S. over the past 3 years, but tea drinkers in downtown Boston knew where to get their fix of premium and specialty blends even before the trend took off.

David’s is a chain of shops that was founded in September 2008 by David and Herschel Segal to provide the public with great tea and exceptional customer service. With 150 types of loose-leaf varieties, there is always something new to try.

David's Tea, located at 298 Washington St., offers 150 varieties of loose-leaf tea

David’s Tea, located at 298 Washington St., offers 150 varieties of loose-leaf tea. Photo Credit: Luke Olsen

Walking in and viewing the shop’s wall of options can be quite intimidating so, to round out the experience, David’s has made it a point to make customer service just as important as its herbal selections. If you walk into the store with a general idea of what you’d like to drink, you will be given several recommendations right off the bat as the barista pulls canisters from the wall and lets you inspect them before you try them. Each canister has a compartment containing a sample amount for you to ogle and smell. They also offer you free samples as you walk in the door. When you choose what you’d like to drink, the leaves are scooped into a teabag, cinched, and added to hot water…no pre-made bags here!

Another thing David’s offers, which is now expected of our drink shops, is accessories to better enjoy our beverages. David’s stocks everything from cups to kettles to matcha kits. Best of all, each of these items was designed by David’s, so the product you’re buying is truly unique. An item that really stood out to me in one of its several collections, was sets of 12 small jars of different types of tea (usually in the same family). You can try different variations of the flavors you enjoy, and possibly order something new the next time you come into the shop.

As previously mentioned, David’s is a haven for hot drinks. But what’s really great about David’s is its modern aesthetic, which helps it stand out among the slew of beverage purveyors in the area. Inside, you will find bright lights, bold colors, and a lustre you don’t readily find in the downtown area. The shop is a beacon amid its many 300 year-old neighbors.

Additionally, the decor is refreshing for any pair of eyes, especially during the bleak winter months. The overall design is pleasing without overwhelming the senses. Everything looks and feels like a fresh coat of lacquer has been applied to it, and as someone that digs the lacquered look, I’m completely on board.

So, if you’re walking the Freedom Trail and you need a little pick-me-up, definitely pop into David’s Tea, where you’ll be able to get a great cuppa without feeling like a Tory.



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