Delivered to Your Doorstep: Fresh Produce in Downtown Boston

Posted November 1, 2013 by Sarah Stanley in Downtown Boston
Fresh Green Pepper

Contrary to popular belief (okay, maybe just that of my friends and family), I love the idea of cooking and eating in. The reality of that actually happening though? After nine hours at the office and a 30-minute commute home—slim to none. I don’t have a car, and walking from shop to shop requires, well, effort. Even if I were to go out and buy fresh produce from Lambert’s or the City Hall Farmer’s Market , hauling food around on the T simply isn’t happening.

But, based on all the grocery delivery services popping up in the area, help has arrived.

Let’s start where most people’s—or at least most Millennials’—familiarity with Internet-based food delivery started: Peapod. The model is as simple as hopping online or onto the Peapod app and ordering fresh veggies, fruit, and basically any grocery under the sun the same way you would off, say, Amazon. You receive your order as soon as the next day. In terms of delivery time, the two-hour time slot is up to you. Downtown Boston dwellers with limited time or transportation options, this one’s definitely for you.

On the local front, there’s Boston Organics, an independent organic produce and grocery delivery service. Each week, Boston Organics puts together a new box for your taking. What’s in the box? Fresh produce, straight from the farm, with contents rotating on a weekly basis. There’s also the option to include “grocery add-ons.” Think certified organic groceries like fair-trade coffees and teas, bread, pasta, spreads, and the list goes on. The service then delivers the box to your door. Easiest shopping trip ever.

And lastly, taking the fresh food delivery game one step further, is HelloFresh. As the motto goes, they provide “everything but the chef.” And what an accurate motto it is! The service works like this: HelloFresh’s expert chefs create healthy recipes on a weekly basis. You pick what looks tastiest, and then the ingredients to prepare said meal are delivered—at no additional charge—straight to your door. The next step is cooking the ingredients for yourself, following HelloFresh’s recipe. And then voilà: a nutritious meal, all of your own making. What’s great about HelloFresh is that not only are you getting access to the freshest food around, but you’re learning new recipes along the way.

So when it comes to procuring produce in downtown Boston—and conveniently, at that—consider yourself covered. At the end of a long workday, nothing tastes better than a relaxed and healthy meal at home.



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