Downtown Boston: The Perfect Ladies’ Day (and Night!) Out

Posted April 19, 2013 by Brittany E. Fischer in Eat & Drink
posh lounge with enormous chandeliers, bond restaurant and lounge.

Rowdy bachelorette parties might be a thing of the past, but Bostonian women certainly still know how to slip on our stilettos, rock a crimson lip, and dedicate a full day and night to catching up with friends. What’s the occasion? It’s simply a celebration of friendship, and it’s as special as any. I recommend a handful of spa treatments, a bit of light shopping, some fine dining, perhaps a little dancing, and, yes, an abundance of classy cocktails. Acting out Sex and the City in downtown Boston is a breeze when you follow this guide. The only difficulty you’ll encounter? Assigning someone to be the Miranda. Not me!

10 a.m.: Start off with a stress-relieving Vinyasa yoga class at Om Warrior.

This charming little studio at 133 Pearl Street is a hidden gem. While many studios cram in hundreds of yogis so tightly you can hardly downward dog, the classes at Om are quite intimate and rarely contain more than a dozen patrons. The space is tiny, yes, but it’s sun-drenched, and you’ll leave feeling refreshed, restored, and ready to rock.

crispy malted waffles, cafe fleuri, bananas and walnuts

Cripsy malted waffles with maple walnuts and bananas are a decadent indulgence worth every calorie. Photo credit: Tim Rodenberg

11 a.m.: Head over to Café Fleuri in the Langham Hotel for what will quite possibly be the best brunch of your entire life.

Named Boston’s best brunch destination by many publications many times, Fleuri features a glorious all-you-can-eat chocolate buffet with over 85 sinful pastries from June to September. It’s equally famous for its healthier “power breakfast” dishes, such as the house-smoked, maple-cured salmon and the house-made dried fruit and nut granola. Whether you choose the nutritious route or the decadent one, satisfaction is guaranteed. Plus, the Parisian ambiance is equal parts chic and serene.

relaxing facial at elizabeth grady

The luxurious Five-Star Facial is both beautifying and relaxing. Photo credit: InterContinental Hong Kong

1 p.m.: Indulge in a few luxurious spa treatments at Elizabeth Grady.

This spa, located at 1 Winthrop Square, has a cult following, and for good reason. Their aestheticians are the best of the best. If you’ve already had a manicure and/or pedicure, try putting your best face forward with a “Five-Star Facial” (rich in vitamin C and sea algae, designed to lift, firm, and smooth the skin), eyelash extensions (the best thing since sliced bread, seriously), and a makeup application (because makeup artists are magicians). In next to no time, you’ll be glowing, gorgeous, and ready for a night of glamour.

3 p.m.: Pop into the chic and edgy art gallery Lot F for your daily dose of culture.

This funky downtown loft, where gallery owners Kate Ostreicher and James Wormser actually live, is an expansive space that features the work of many emerging artists from both near and far. Many of the pieces have a gritty, graffiti aesthetic and sell for around $500, though several have sold for thousands. Even if you’re not in the market for a trendy conversation piece to hang in your home, Lot F provides a great venue to mingle. It’s open Saturdays 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. and by appointment.

5 p.m.: Shimmy on over to Bond Restaurant and Lounge for an aperitif.

Check your watch—it’s time for a drink, or at least a snack, and Bond is the hottest place in downtown Boston to snag both. The nightlife here is a little on the unruly side, but the scene around sunset is sheer perfection. It’s one of Boston’s most stunning lounges, with soaring ceilings that juxtapose ultra-low seating and a mirrored backdrop that distorts reflections of jaw-dropping, 10-foot crystal chandeliers. The entire space literally glitters, and begs me to indulge in a tacky play on words: If looks can kill, Bond certainly has a license to. Sip distinctive custom cocktails, such as Bond’s Buy (Bombay Sapphire East, St. Germain, strawberry, and basil) and nibble on few plates of global cuisine, such as crispy Point Judith calamari. Soon you’ll feel as glitzy as the bar itself.

7 p.m.: Time for a lavish dinner at Radius, where extravagant and modern French cuisine is the name of the game.

“Who says four stars can’t be fun?” is the restaurant’s motto, and it’s one they clearly value. The atmosphere is shamelessly elegant without being stuffy. Laughter is encouraged rather than frowned upon, and the menu is accessible even to those who can’t pronounce the word “bonjour.” The four-course menu features dishes ranging from the foie gras of the day to duck to monkfish to rib eye, so there’s truly something for everyone. Every bite is a piece of heaven, but the portions aren’t enormous; this is a plus, because falling into food comas is not on the agenda this evening. Order the wine pairings as well and great conversation is practically guaranteed.

10 p.m.: Make your way over to Vintage Lounge, a stylish and contemporary martini and wine bar.

Settle into the sumptuous leather seating while you study their wine list, which has been named “One of the Most Outstanding in the World” by Wine Spectator Magazine for five consecutive years, or select a glimmering designer martini from an extensive list. If you like to dance, you can do so here in a sophisticated manner. Thankfully, bumping and grinding is not the norm, so it’s completely acceptable to dance the night away.

Now that your ladies’ weekend itinerary is complete (and completely fabulous), all that’s left to do is phone your favorites, select a Saturday, and decide what to wear. Enjoy, and remember the words of Mark Twain: “Too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right.”



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