Downtown Boston Welcomes The Roche Bros.

Posted May 1, 2015 by John Zukowski in Business
Roche Bros. Grand Opening

The urban grocery experience Downtown Crossing has been waiting for finally arrived last Wednesday at the grand opening of Roche Bros. in the Burnham Building. Now, local residents and employees can enjoy convenient access to fresh, gourmet groceries without having to trek out of their neighborhood.

As someone who has shopped at Roche Bros. for years, I know you’ll come to enjoy their many offerings, and wonder how you got by without them for so long. I enjoy their large prepared food area, where you can stop by daily for a hot or cold lunch or dinner and never have the same thing twice, for a whole week, if not a whole month. From sushi to whole roasted chickens, freshly made pizzas, and a chicken wing bar, they have options to please the carnivore or vegan alike. Personal favorites include their buffalo chicken strips and pulled pork.

If you plan on cooking, be sure to stop at their meat and seafood counters and check out their weekly specials, including organic options, fresh-off-the-boat fish, and grass fed beef. While you can certainly prepare everything yourself if you are so inclined, Roche Bros. also offers many protein options that are either pre-portioned or pre-seasoned. Just take them home, throw them in the oven and enjoy a delicious semi-homemade meal.

Roche Cheese Shop

Roche Bros. speciality cheese shop. Photo Credit: Jimmy Prudente

At the Roche Bros.’ specialized Chop Shop, you can choose from over 40 fresh, seasonal vegetables that are cut fresh daily, chef-style and recipe-ready, keeping your waste and spoilage to a minimum. An olive bar offers a variety of flavors, and Roche Bros.’ specialty cheeses pair well with your favorite wines. Not to be outdone, the bakery has desserts that rival any local pastry shop, and put the perfect finishing touch on your meal.

Stopping in for a quick lunch? The deli is full-service with not just your typical cold-cuts, but a whole selection of salads made in-house, like a cranberry walnut chicken salad, seafood salad, and German potato salad. Not sure which to get? Just ask for a sample to try. They’ll even give the kids a slice of cheese to snack on when you stop by.

Street-level shopping offers some ready-to-eat meals, sweets, treats, and a coffee bar, with street-side seating and a fruit and flower stand. Take an escalator down to the basement, and you’ll find Roche Bros tries to keep the 25,000 square foot market bright and cheery with plenty of registers for speedy check out. They take advantage of the architecture of the historic Burnham Building wherever possible, as exemplified by the exposed brick that surrounds the produce section.

Unfortunately, no wine or beer is available yet at the new store. But, if you’re patient, when the adjacent Millennium Tower Boston opens in the fall of 2016, that will allow an expansion of an additional 10,000 square feet, including a section for alcohol. If the wine section is anything like what is available at their other stores, expect frequent wine tastings of current specials. You may just find a new favorite.

Store hours are 7 am – 10 pm Monday to Saturday and 8 am – 9 pm on Sunday. Most conveniently, if you can’t make it to the store, you can always order online, have a personal shopper fill your list, then get local delivery to your home or office. For meetings, events and home parties, they also offer extensive catering, and local delivery.

Downtown Boston is not a nine to five neighborhood any longer. More and more people are making it their home as well as the place where they work. The opening of Roche Bros. is a definitive sign that this trend will only continue.