Downtown Crossing Has Become a New Living Urbanism

Posted October 4, 2012 by Justin Sperandeo in Downtown Crossing

What is a living urbanism? Many different thoughts may come to mind when tackling the meaning behind this term. Are we talking about living downtown? Or is this term hinting to something new? Are we talking about some form of the urban experience that connects city dwellers, and the building they live in, to the city around them in a way never before imagined? In this case, yes, we are. There has been a lot of buzz around what’s happening in Boston, specifically in Downtown Crossing. I believe the transformation began over a decade when the Ritz Carlton Hotel and Residences opened and we began to see the possibility of an new upscale urban lifestyle. Today, business, restaurants, and residential developers have acknowledged that this is the time to seize an opportunity that will forever change downtown crossing for the better. Call it what you will, but I call it the birth of a new living urbanism.


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