Downtown Crossing is National News

Posted June 20, 2014 by Andrew Luke in Business
Millennium Tower Boston

On the New York City real estate beat, there is no shortage of stories for journalists to write about these days. Skyscraper one-upmanship is at full frenzy in the Big Apple. In the past 3 years, no fewer than 6 buildings have begun construction that would have been the city’s tallest residential tower in 2011. And these are just the 90+ story stories. There are dozens of shorter towers changing skylines and neighborhoods across Manhattan.

Given all of this, it is all the more remarkable to see our neighbors to the south turn an eye to what’s happening in Downtown Crossing. It’s a story we’ve been telling here at the Voice for months, but as DTX continues to make its mark as an established, must-have destination (with must-have properties like Millennium Tower Boston), it’s a story that becomes impossible to ignore. Check out the New York Times article, and start spreading the news.


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