Environmental Education Part of the Experience at GreenFest

Posted August 23, 2016 by Liz Law in Downtown Boston
Done Good app and made it easy to find everything. Photo Credit: Liz Law

This past weekend, Boston City Hall Plaza, Faneuil Hall and Sam Adams Park were bustling with music, food and fun at the 9th Annual Boston GreenFest. The free, three-day event is the largest multicultural, environmentally-focused music festival in the area. With three stages of live entertainment, exhibits, presentations and a wide array of unique vendors, GreenFest offered a chance for eco-conscious exhibitors and innovators to come together in Boston.

A Bit of Background

GreenFest was created by The Foundation for a Green Future, a Boston-based nonprofit committed to returning nature to urban areas and fostering environmental awareness in the community. In addition to educating the community on ways to be more eco-friendly, GreenFest leads by example to lessen the footprint of this annual event. For example, they brought in plants and trees to transform Boston City Hall Plaza into a green roof for the weekend. Each year, the festival composts food waste, and this year, they partnered with MassEnergy to offset the EcoKids Center energy usage. You can find out more about the GreenFest Green Footprint here.


In Boston, we are lucky to have a few top-notch music festivals each year. But GreenFest’s diverse line-up of live entertainment made it a completely different experience than Boston Calling or the Outside the Box Festival. The event’s three stages featured music and dancers from more than 20 countries, as well as martial arts demonstrations, fitness classes, and fashion shows with upcycled clothing. In fact, there were so many great options that it would have been easy to miss something fantastic without realizing it. Luckily, the organizers teamed up with the Done Good app and made it easy to find the schedules, vendors, exhibitors and food on a smartphone. This intuitive app was convenient to use and reduced waste that would have been created with paper schedules.

One of the non-performer event highlights was the Sahale Snacks Flavor Experience. The Experience was framed around the goal of discovering which Sahale snack flavors appeal to you most. There was a quiz, a “guess the scent” game and samples. While there, you could even learn a few things thanks to the delightfully colorful snack fact dots decorating the wooden slat walls. Sadly, none of the dots gave any hints as to Sahale’s secret glaze recipe.


The Showcase of Innovation was new to GreenFest for 2016. With a goal to motivate change and spark curiosity, the showcase highlighted ways to go green in your everyday life. From creating a simple and effective household cleanser using water, salt and vinegar to creating clean energy by riding an ingeniously designed bicycle, the vendors at the Showcase of Innovation provided festival attendees with clear, actionable ways that new products and technologies can be harnessed to live a more environmentally conscious life.

These innovations combined with the knowledge that all performers and vendors shared a commitment to environmental advocacy to create an amazing atmosphere of resiliency and community. In the face of climate change and other ecological concerns, GreenFest shared numerous paths toward a better, cleaner future. Beyond the fantastic performers and amazing food, the festival inspired attendees to make small changes by demonstrating how quickly little steps add up to real progress in a community pledged to progress. Through GreenFest, the Foundation for a Green Future has been inspiring hope and inciting change in Boston for nine years. If you missed this year’s event, be sure to check out the GreenFest website or Facebook page to make certain you check it out in 2017.