Filming in Downtown Boston: NBC’s Newest Conspiracy Thriller “Odyssey”

Posted March 5, 2014 by Cheryl Fenton in Downtown Boston
Post Office Square

An odyssey is defined as a journey. It’s also a really large book you had to read in your freshman year of high school. Remember? You originally thought it was written by the dad from The Simpsons.

If you were to take your own odyssey into downtown Boston, minus the gods and monsters, you’ll notice quite the hustle and bustle. You might also notice giant buses, orange cones, and Don’t Park/Crew Only signs. Is it possible there’s yet another Hollywood project filming in downtown Boston? Yes, yes it is.

NBC is filming its TV pilot for a new political thriller, Odyssey. Starring Peter Facinelli of Nurse Jackie fame, Pushing Daisies star Anna Friel, and The Carrie Diaries‘ Jake Robinson, this global conspiracy show centers on some seriously controversial stuff. The Following’s Adam Armus and Kay Foster will pen the script and executive produce. As you might know, The Following is no Disney cruise, so this new show promises some of that edge.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, here’s the plot scoop. “Odyssey centers on three families who are torn apart when a stranded female soldier, a disillusioned corporate attorney, and a disrespected political activist are pulled into the same shocking international military conspiracy. Facinelli will play Peter, the family man with a new house and job. Once a prosecuting attorney, he now works in business intelligence, legally investigating on behalf of his Wall Street firm. A man with an inquisitive streak, happy with his wife and two kids, he’s assigned to investigate a company before a potential merger and finds what appears to be a trail of blood stretching from Reno to Africa.”

Boston Harbor skyline

Scenic Boston is a Hollywood favorite for both film and television filming locations. Photo Credit: GBCVB

They wrapped filming in Post Office Square Park on Sunday, March 2. But don’t say goodbye just yet. Mere blocks away, production vehicles will be parked on Devonshire, Otis, and Summer streets Thursday and Friday, March 6 and 7, and on Monday, March 10. The filming shifts to 100 Summer St. for the entire weekend of March 8 and 9.

We’re no strangers to filming in downtown Boston. We’ve all been giddy at the site of a celebrity and also cursed with a street shut down. With famous faces constantly strutting around the city (like Sandra Bullock for The Heat, Bradley Cooper and JLaw for American Hustle, Leo and Matt Damon in The Departed), it seems we can’t turn a corner without being told to turn around because “we’re filmin’ ova heeah.” Then there were authentic Boston TV shows like Spencer for Hire, Boston Legal, and Cheers, and those shows that claimed a Boston locale but never really filmed here. My two cents — Fringe pretended to be in Boston and lost my allegiance when they made South Station look like a quaint train stop. Do your research, people.

As always, yet another show puts Boston on the map as a great place to be. Maybe you could sneak down to the Summer Street area and catch a glimpse.



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