Fin Point Positions Itself As Downtown’s Newest Social Hub

Posted February 9, 2017 by Kayla Baker in Dining Downtown: Restaurant Reviews
Tagliatelle with exotic mushrooms. Photo Credit: Kayla Baker

The stretch of Broad Street between State Street and the Rose Kennedy Greenway bustles during the workweek, but on evenings and weekends is light on foot traffic. Tourists pass through the nearby hotels while employees who were burning the midnight oil close down their offices for the evening. However, Fin Point is ready to disrupt that quiet.

Fin Point encompasses the ground floor of the Hilton Boston Downtown Hotel, with convenient entrances both inside the lobby and outside at 89 Broad Street. The expansive dining room is sectioned off into intimate tables and booths, plush couch seating for groups, and a large sandstone bar, allowing for patrons to tailor their dining experience to the occasion. I settled into a comfy couch, eager to see what chef Joseph Iocovozzi had developed for his new restaurant.

Oysters from Fin Point's raw bar. Photo Credit: Kayla Baker

Oysters from Fin Point’s raw bar. Photo Credit: Kayla Baker

My waiter showed off the lineup of beers on tap and wine by the glass. The cocktail menu was smaller than expected, consisting of a few traditional cocktails such as the Moscow Mule and Old Fashioned. But this back-to-basics approach to cocktails gives a classic feel to the restaurant’s otherwise trendy atmosphere. The bar also has a separate menu of small bites such as crab sliders and other plates that are easily shared between coworkers or friends.

The menu at Fin Point offers an array of New England fare, from fresh fish to inventive pizzas. However, it’s clear that the raw bar is their pride and joy. The raw bar includes a rotating selection of fresh local oysters, clams, and shrimp. It also features raw small bites such as poke. I started with a three oyster platter, which included an arrangement of interesting sauces. The waiter explained that their raw platters come with a light, medium, and bold sauce accompaniment. The oysters themselves were sizable and meaty, and the sauces complemented the shellfish in distinctive ways. The ‘bold’ selection, a jalapeño cocktail sauce, was an interesting take on a typical sweet cocktail sauce.

Fin Point's New England Lobster Roll. Photo Credit: Kayla Baker

Fin Point’s New England Lobster Roll. Photo Credit: Kayla Baker

Knowing that seafood was their forte, I followed up my oysters with the popular New England lobster roll. The quintessential lobster roll must have three important characteristics; buttery lobster meat, a generous serving size, and a toasted bun. Fin Point’s lobster roll hit all three nails on the head, and I found myself mmm-ing all the way through it. Paired with creamy slaw and crispy fries, this lobster roll would make the perfect simple yet satisfying lunch.

Fin Point also offers a wide selection of upscale American dishes for those who prefer a traditional dining experience. One such dish, the tagliatelle with exotic mushrooms, is comprised of a brothy sauce balanced out by thick noodles and savory mushrooms. The entree was rich and satisfying without being too heavy, which I was thankful for at the end of my meal.

Fin Point's ginger cake dessert. Photo Credit: Kayla Baker

Fin Point’s ginger cake dessert. Photo Credit: Kayla Baker

I was slightly distressed when I noticed the menu did not have a dessert section, but fear not; the waiters are up-to-date on the restaurant’s nightly selection. I chose the ginger cake, which came served upon a bed of espresso mascarpone and topped with cinnamon. The thick, creamy mascarpone was the perfect complement to the spongy cake, and was an ideal finale when paired with coffee.

Fin Point’s diverse menu selections and multiple dining sections makes it the perfect hub for all of Downtown’s occupants. Colleagues can gather around the bar for post-work week stories while friends catch up over appetizers on the couch and dates dine by candlelight. People will soon find themselves heading to Fin Point, and Broad Street will be quiet no more.