Free Fitness in Post Office Square

Posted June 9, 2014 by Lindsey Daniels in Downtown Boston
The summertime crowd at Post Office Square

This summer, a favorite downtown Boston tradition returns: Midday and after-work fitness classes in Post Office Square. The classes just started this week and will continue through the summer, Mondays through Thursdays. Most days have two classes, although sometimes other events take precedence and there is only a class in the morning. There’s no cost and no need to sign up, so if you’re longing to get out of the gym or the classes at your club are booked, this is a great fresh air alternative.

Morning brings Bootcamp with Caroline (Monday), Pilates with Nicole (Tuesday and Thursday) and Yoga with Meghan (Wednesday). All classes begin promptly at 7:15. Evening classes start at either 5:30 or 5:45 p.m. and consist of Bootcamp with Erin (Tuesday), Zumba with Emily (Monday and Wednesday) or Yoga Barre with Kendall (Thursday). Classes run weekly from June through the end of September.

Bootcamp puts you through your paces with old-school gym standards like wall sits, push ups, jump rope, and other body weight and cardio moves. Don’t be intimidated by the name: Most bootcamp instructors aren’t military grunts, but they do want to get you burning off those calories.

Pilates and yoga test your balance, flexibility, and muscle tone. Pilates focuses more on core, back and pelvic strength and just may be the way to sculpt those stubborn pounds off your midsection. Yoga can bring inner peace as well as muscle definition.

Zumba will have you moving and grooving to Latin dance tunes, performing a dance routine that’s guaranteed to boost your heart rate so you burn mega calories while having fun during a full-body toning workout.

Free Fitness Post Office Square

Yoga barre offers a variation on the hot new fitness trend of barre. Photo Credit: Lindsay Daniels

Yoga barre offers a variation on the hot new fitness trend of barre, which is really just jacked-up ballet basics to lengthen and tone your physique. These moves combine yoga and barre to challenge your poise, flexibility, and balance.

Planning ahead

Classes require no pre-registration. All you need to do is show up wearing comfortable clothes. This being summer in Boston, it’s advisable to bring a water bottle so you don’t pass out with the humidity that’s bound to set in once it really warms up. This year, PO Fitness will be able to move inside the Langham Hotel across the street in the event of rain, so you never need to worry about a weather cancelation.

Expect a strong turnout, especially once summer tanning weather is here. The more people that come, the more those yoga mats will be squished together and the likelier you’ll be to accidentally elbow your neighbor during yoga barre. Yoga barre teacher Kendall, who runs Kendall Clean when she’s not kicking your butt in barre, reported having 30-40 people in a typical evening class last summer. Post Office Square isn’t huge, so that is a good number of bodies for the space.

The great thing about these outdoor fitness classes — aside from their being right in your backyard, of course — is that they’re open to people of all ages and all levels of experience. Any of these fitness classes in Post Office Square are the perfect way to try out that trendy new activity or see what’s the deal with the class that your loud-talking coworker keeps bringing up. It’s not going to be a substitute for your personal trainer one-on-one sessions, of course. But if you’ve been looking for a way to buck the sad desk lunch and make your lunch hour a little more active, this may be your ideal solution.


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