Full Steam Ahead: Make Kingston Station Your Next Stop

Posted November 8, 2013 by Jen Dorman in Downtown Boston
The Station Burger at Kingston Station

As the center of residential living, business, and entertainment, Boston lives up to its hub nickname. With so much to do, it’s lucky that there are also wonderful restaurants when you need a break. Kingston Station, conveniently located on Kingston Street in Downtown Crossing, is a great place to stop and refuel.

I recently routed myself to Kingston Station for dinner. Having been there before for lunch, I was interested in exploring the menu further. Upon checking into the restaurant- and entertainment-focused social networking site Foursquare when I arrived, I immediately noticed the large number of recommendations posted about one specific menu item. There were dozens of tips from previous diners, with the majority of them focusing on the Truffle Fries. One comment in particular summed up the sentiment of many others by simply stating, “Let me add to the chorus of those who love the Truffle Fries.” Another popular dish to nosh on, according to Foursquare, was the Station Burger.

Kingston Station features old-world decor

The Kingston Station features old-world decor. Photo Credit: Jen Dorman

Thinking that so many positive reviews couldn’t be wrong, I placed an order for the Station Burger, which includes a sunny-side-up egg, applewood smoked bacon, and cheddar. It typically is accompanied by house-cut fries, but I upgraded my order to include Truffle Fries instead.

Then I sat back and relaxed in the retro atmosphere. Black-and-white photography hangs throughout the establishment. The decor integrates a component reminiscent of a subway terminal: tiles on the walls. Booth seating and old-fashioned wooden chairs give the relaxed vibe of hanging out in a diner.

The staff was cheery and welcoming throughout my meal at the restaurant. While Kingston Station is not crowded, I heard laughter and pleasant conversations from nearby diners as they enjoyed the company of their friends.

When my food arrived, I immediately inhaled the indescribable aroma of the Truffle Fries. They were topped with Gruyère cheese, scallions, and, of course, that irresistible truffle oil. I ate a fry. And then another. Soon, I found that I couldn’t stop myself from eating many, many more.

Finally I took a break from the fries and dug into the deliciously messy Station Burger. The egg yolk dripped as I bit in, enhancing the flavor and the texture.

Kingston Station is a must-stop destination for anyone in Downtown Boston looking for delicious fare served up in a casual atmosphere. And, yes, I join the chorus of recommendations for the Truffle Fries!



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