Healthy Eating in Downtown Boston

Posted April 12, 2013 by Brittany E. Fischer in Downtown Crossing
Sebastian's Salads and Healthy Food

As much as I love city living, I have to admit that it can be a Catch-22 when it comes to my diet. On one hand, my food options are endless. A piping hot and delicious meal awaits me on every block. Excellent. But on the other hand, that often makes it difficult to go the healthy route. Hunting down a quinoa salad becomes a seriously daunting task when I’m surrounded by burger joints and gelato shops. But fear not! I’ve discovered that eating healthy in downtown Boston is possible. Look no further than the following spots:

Lambert's Market Place

Looking for some healthy grocery options visit Lambert’s Market Place. Photo Credit: Sharon Chappell

Lambert’s Marketplace: If you’re looking to pick up a few healthy groceries for a homemade meal without hauling yourself all the way to a supermarket, Lambert’s is your best bet in downtown Boston. They boast a great selection of prepared foods for a quick lunch, as well as fresh produce, specialty cheeses, imported and domestic groceries, and even flowers. Plus, the staff is so friendly, it verges on the absurd.

Blu Restaurant and Bar/Blu Cafe: Head to the casual cafe at Sports Club LA after a grueling workout for a power drink from the fresh juice bar. Or try out Blu Restaurant, whose menu centers on fresh seasonal ingredients. Particularly healthy dishes include golden beet soup and pan-seared arctic char, and—if you attend a spin class prior to your feast—feel free to indulge in the oh-so-heavenly iced lemon cardamom cake with crème fraiche and sautéed blueberries.

UFood Grill

UFood Grill is a haven for body-conscious Bostonians, and for good reason. Photo Courtesy of Aberdeen Proving Ground’s.

UFood Grill: Fast food can be healthy, and this place is proof. With complete nutrition and dietary guides readily available and calories listed on the menus, it’s easy to keep track of your intake and virtually impossible to overindulge. I’m a big fan of the UBowls, which are made of chicken and veggies served over 100 percent natural whole grain brown rice—all between 440 and 600 calories. And don’t forget Uberry frozen yogurts, which are loaded with probiotic cultures, protein, calcium, and B vitamins. The Original Tart flavor tastes just like Pinkberry and has only 90 calories per 4 oz.

Chacarero: Steamed green beans on a sandwich? It may sound cringeworthy, but trust me, it’s delicious when accompanied by grilled chicken or steak, fresh tomatoes, avocado spread, roasted red peppers, and a touch of hot sauce. You know you’re getting your fill of veggies, but how does it measure up calorie-wise? A small chicken sandwich is around 500 calories. But the Sierra Turkey Sandwich at Panera? A whopping 920.

Sebastians: The salad bar here is as fresh as it is sizable. With mostly organic ingredients, including such unconventional options as butternut squash, pineapples, sprouts, sunflower seeds, marinated artichoke hearts, and countless more, you’ll discover it’s actually possible to get stoked about a salad. (I know, it’s hard to believe.) Equally surprising? It’s also possible to create one that’s completely satisfying—no side of soup required!

Making smart and healthy choices is easy in downtown Boston. Just hit up these hot spots and do your best to ignore the tempting aroma of pizza joints on every block. Repeat after me: Be. Strong. Be. Strong.



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