Hillstone in Boston: Better than Homemade

Posted September 24, 2013 by Jen Dorman in Dining Downtown: Restaurant Reviews
Hillstone in Boston

I enjoy cooking, but sometimes I just don’t want to. Call me lazy, but sometimes I crave comfort foods and lack the energy to make them myself. I recently was in this situation and decided to go to Hillstone in Boston at Faneuil Hall.

On a Friday night after a long week, I walked in and had a seat, and the cozy feel of the restaurant put me at ease. The interior has a casual elegance, with wooden accents and dim, soft lighting—not too dark or too bright. It has a relaxed vibe. There was a crowd of trendy twenty- and thirtysomethings as well as mature professionals. At the bar, several men were still wearing their suits, chatting over drinks. Another group, dressed up and ready to hit the town, appeared to be starting their evening out by sharing a few appetizers. Tables of friends and couples surrounded me in the restaurant, with booth seating adding to the cozy ambiance.

The service at Hillstone was friendly and professional, the staff perfectly attentive. They were there when I needed them and provided the right amount of space for me to enjoy my evening, meal, and company. The menu includes many comfort food classic favorites, including burgers, steaks, and roasted chicken, plus the type of side dishes your family might serve on Thanksgiving, such as cooked spinach and baked potatoes. There are also fresh choices of sushi and salads.

Slow Cooked Meal Hillstone Boston

The kind of slow-cooked meal that takes hours to prepare. Photo credit: Jen Dorman.

I placed my order for barbecue pork ribs and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. When the large plate arrived, there were so many ribs that the rack was nearly too large for the plate! They were tender, and each bite melted in my mouth. This is the kind of slow-cooked meal that takes hours to prepare.

Although I enjoy spending time in the kitchen, I was glad to have a home-style dish cooked for me at Hillstone in Boston. A major perk of living in downtown Boston is the ability to dine out any night of the week, with so many fine establishments nearby. Hillstone combines the best of both worlds, serving up dishes that remind you of home, cooked for you in a relaxing setting. And after a great meal you won’t even need to clear your plate from the table or do the dishes!



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