I Am Downtown Boston: Rob Murray, President of Skyword

Posted July 15, 2015 by Cheryl Fenton in Downtown Boston
Rob Murray

With a recent move in July from the Seaport District to 38 Chauncy Street, Skyword moved onward and upward to quite literally bigger and better things. This content strategist business doubled its space to 16,000 square feet on two floors, complete with a game room, community kitchen, and two kegs with rotating beer selections. Even the conference rooms are fun, boasting their own personalities (think Wayne Manor from Batman and Arendale of Frozen) – all to help weave their clients’ stories through writers, designers, and videographers so customers better relate to their brands.

As they continue to feel out their new space, we caught up with president Rob Murray about his business and its place in DTX. Here’s the tale he told.

The Voice of Downtown Boston: What does Skyword bring to Boston as a place for creatives, as well as those looking for that talent.

Rob Murray: Skyword offers a place for talented people on the account or editorial side to flex their creative muscles. We enable original storytelling to some of the best brands in the world. People who come here get to do a job they love with brands they are proud to work with. As a company in high growth, the biggest thing we’re looking to do is attract talented and motivated team members. Being in the downtown area will help us continue to do this.

VOD: How has the world of marketing changed and how is Skyword meeting that challenge?

RM: Marketing has changed tremendously in the past few years, and it evolves more every day. A recent Adobe study found that 76% of marketers think their job has changed more in the past two years than the past 50. Since people aren’t turning to TV, newspapers, and radio as their primary sources of information, brands need to find new ways to capture attention and build audiences. At Skyword, we believe that the only way to distinguish yourself as a brand and to be truly engaging is through original storytelling. By creating experiences that entertain and inspire people, you’ll win their trust and affinity. New Balance, Always, and Red Bull are all great examples of brands that are taking storytelling really seriously.

Here, we help the best brands become the best storytellers. We have teams that set the editorial mission and strategy, a network of 4,600 professional creatives that offer their services, and a technology platform that helps marketers manage the entire process of creating written content, video, infographics, and more.

VOD: You’re a long-time Boston businessman, even educated in the city at Carroll School of Management. What changes have you seen?

RM: The Boston of today and that of 25 years ago (when I graduated college) is like night and day. When I started my career in the city, there was the Back Bay and the Financial District, and that was it. We didn’t have the development in the South End and the Seaport District like we do today. Boston has grown demonstrably. One thing that spurs that growth is that we’re a hub for education, which gives us a great young workforce and a startup mentality.

VOD: What was the attraction to Downtown for Skyword?

RM: Downtown was the best location commuting- and facility-wise for our employees. The ease of working here, with access to the best restaurants and gyms, is unmatched anywhere else in the city. The more convenient and vibrant the neighborhood we’re working in is, the more productive we are.


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