Intimate Illusions On Tour At The W Hotel Boston

Posted July 20, 2016 by Cheryl Fenton in Theater & Arts
Intimate Illusions with Ivan Amodei is set to hit stage this weekend.

There is magic all around us. Consider where your socks disappear to, bacon, how the guy in the car in front of you this morning ever got his license, or most kitten videos on YouTube. Yes, the world is magical.

Now you can add one more mystical element – Intimate Illusions with Ivan Amodei, a show full of totally mind-blowing, how-did-he-do-that illusions. The brain games of this master illusionist will keep you on the edge of your seat, while they tell a story of life alongside a luxurious live cello soundtrack.

Sicilian-born Amodei is highly skilled at sleight of hand. He has a name around Hollywood as the go-to illusionist for celebrities craving something beyond basic entertainment. Leaving the confines of its home at the historic Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills (hello, Pretty Woman), his Intimate Illusions show is taking its sorcery the road. The next stop is the W Hotel Boston, where Amodei roams the theater aisles to give his stellar performance that has earned him six People’s Choice awards.

It’s never the same show twice, what with the huge amount of audience participation (read: no one is safe) and spontaneity (read: anything can happen and usually does). With the elegant theater of this historic hotel as its backdrop, there’s nothing but wit and humor, jaw drops and ooh-aah awe.

Ivan Amodei will dazzle, with so many illusions sure to keep you thinking.

Ivan Amodei will dazzle, with so many illusions sure to keep you thinking.

This is far beyond the typical magic tricks you have experienced at pop-up carnivals and and annual family picnics (thank you, Uncle Harold). Sold out seven years in a row, but only coming to Boston for three nights from July 22 through 24, this 90-minute performance is full of intense story-telling, frantic card play, number games, dangerous escapes, and of course plenty of illusions. Consider the hysterical reveal of “Mona Lisa’s Secret” (an illusion that uncovers why this famous muse is smiling) and Amodei’s personal favorite to perform “The Miracle Worker,” which makes you actually believe in miracles.

The tricks aren’t the only magical things during the evening. Weaving its own conversation throughout each illusion are the solemn notes created by Irina Chirkova, Celine Dion’s concert cellist from the singer’s Las Vegas shows. From behind her glorious theater mask of red and gold, Chirkova coaxes her cello to emit deep sounds to create the feelings of frivolity, danger, terror and introspection. You will hear familiar classical pieces from composers such as Vivaldi, Bach and Mozart, along with a score customized to accompany each illusion to a tee. Together, illusion and music create quite a dramatic pairing.

One thing of note – Intimate Illusions isn’t fantastic fluff without meaning. Every illusion Amodei performs is a nod to humanity and the life each of us leads. Consider it magic with a message. Maybe in that message you’ll discover intel on where your socks go.

Show times are Friday, June 22, at 7pm and 9pm; Saturday, June 23, at 2pm, 4pm and 8pm; and Sunday, June 24, at 2pm and 6pm. The W Boston is located at 100 Stuart Street in Boston.