Jaho Raises Spirits with Coffee, Wine, and More at New Downtown Crossing Location

Posted August 26, 2015 by Jon Erik Christianson in Business
Jaho Latte

For ten years, the name “Jaho” has conjured feelings of soothing and sociability for Massachusetts residents. Jaho Coffee & Tea, the popular café and hangout, has maintained two locations in Salem, and one in Boston’s South End for many of these years. The locations offer a sense of community and comfort to their surrounding neighborhoods.

As of this past weekend, Jaho has made its way to a new location—The Kensington in Boston’s Downtown Crossing—and has brought with it new ideas. In its three other locations, Jaho is purely an artisanal coffee and tea café that doubles as a local hub of refreshment. At the Kensington, Jaho is a coffee bar that transforms itself into a wine bar under the cloak of night.

In the daytime hours, this new location acts as an ordinary Jaho; it provides freshly-made coffee, tea, sandwiches, and more with an alluring ambience. The site’s aesthetic evokes a warehouse-y, almost steampunk-like, vibe. Shiny, metallic surfaces and objects are complemented by hues of beige and brown; the space is decorated with a ramshackle collection of eclectic chairs, couches, tables, and other pieces of furniture. The machinery, counters, and designs loop around in fun, round shapes. The high ceiling allows patrons much room to breathe.

As daytime dips into nighttime, Jaho shifts into “wine bar” mode and a wide assortment of alcholic options becomes available to customers. This includes an expansive variety of wine, craft beer (available in bottles or on tap), and a number of whisky options. Patrons may pair up their drinks with fine food items, including charcuterie (exquisite cooked meat) and a variety of cheeses.

To accommodate its dual nature, the new Jaho location is open seventeen hours a day, from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. During pretty much every waking hour (and a few hours reserved typically for sleeping), Bostonians can wander into Jaho, purchase a soothing beverage, and slow down a likely frenetic day.

Though this Jaho deviates pretty significantly from its other locations, it still boasts similar coffees, teas, salads, sandwiches, bagels, and other signature items. The Kensington location in particular is promoting five specific coffee blends: the Guatemala Fraijanes Finga De Dios (featuring chocolate, citrus, lime, and honey flavors), the Espresso Nero – Daterra Reserve (marzipan, dark chocolate, pepper, caramel notes), Gemini (mango and black tea), Kilimanjaro (berry, citrus, grapefruit, raisin, honey), and the Scarlet Espresso (cocoa, hazelnut, butterscotch, and thick cream).  Every offering combines beans and flavor-inspirations from around the world.

The professionals at Jaho utilize a range of techniques to roast and brew their coffee; these include: Japanese siphon, Seraphim single brewer, Kyoto-style iced coffee, pour-overs, Chemex, French press, espresso and Nitro ice coffee.

Customers looking to sample Jaho’s tea and coffee from home may either purchase coffee and tea packages in-store, or order some online. Products available on their website include a series of teas based on every zodiac sign (Scorpio, for example, mixes orange, black tea, and spices), coffees based from Spain to Kenya, and gift cards.