La Vie®: Legal Sea Foods Wine Night Spills Details on New Restaurant

Posted September 26, 2013 by Scott Kearnan in Downtown Boston
Legal Sea Foods Wine Cellar

Nothing says “welcome to the neighborhood” like a wine night with new neighbors. But when you’re a future resident of the luxury residences at Millennium Place, a standard house party won’t do. For the latest installment of La Vie®, a series of special social experiences designed exclusively for Millennium residents, guests visited the wine cellar at Legal Sea Foods in Park Square for a “Share a Bottle Night.” The Legal team uncorked selections from its 10,000-bottle cellar, pouring them out for a socializing group of several dozen attendees.

They spilled something, too: details on what residents can expect from Legal Crossing (LX), the luxury concept restaurant that will be housed in Millennium Place.

Sandy Block, Legal Sea Foods VP of Beverage Operations and Master of Wine, greeted wine night guests. Yes, that’s a real title, and no, you can’t earn it by being the first at a dinner party to polish off a bottle. A London-based institute gives that accreditation and only about 30 Americans have received it; Block was the first on the East Coast. (Want to learn from a master, literally? Block teaches monthly “Legal Wine Academy in the Cellar” classes, with samples for every student, of course.)

Wine Pairing

Sandy Block specifically paired each wine to the hors d’oeuvres provided. Photo courtesy of Millennium Place.

Block discussed the history, terroir, and trivia associated with three selections offered for the evening: vintage Laurent-Perrier champagne; Domaine Vacheron Sancerre les Romains, an uber-organic white wine; and Breggo, a pinot noir from Anderson Valley, a stellar wine-growing region in Mendocino, California. By the way, Block took a moment to formally dispel the antiquated notion that you can’t drink red wine with fish, just in case you were still hemming and hawing over that, Miss Manners. The overview was informative, and offered a lot of information that guests could take to future soirées, armed with the knowledge of a sommelier.

But one of the coolest tidbits of the night was the revelation Block offered about the wine approach at Legal Crossing, an opening that Millennium residents (who will have their own private dining room) and Boston foodies anticipate pretty highly. Evidently, LX will offer two wine lists: one that focuses on “classics,” says Block, and includes familiar varieties from regions you probably already know about (“Wines of pedigree and reputation,” he explained). The other list will be made up of “Discover Wines.” These will hail from regions that casual imbibers explore less often, and feature grape varieties that are only familiar to true oenophiles. Think options from Austria, Greece, and Argentina. The LX menu will offer pairing suggestions with each plate, he said, featuring one pick from the classics list and one (for the more adventurous among us) from the “Discovery Wines.”

A little wine usually makes most of us open up. We’re glad that, at this La Vie social, Block spilled the gossip about what to look forward to next.



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