Millennium Tower Boston: The Burnham Building Gets Finishing Touches and Its First Tenants

Posted August 19, 2014 by Andrew Luke in Urban Living
Millennium Tower Boston Burnham

Here at the Voice of Downtown Boston, we take note when Downtown Boston gets noticed. And now its most noticeable project is getting attention again.

At the Millennium Tower Boston project that is going up at the old Filene’s site, the renovations to the Burnham Building were recently completed. The historic structure sits adjacent to the residential tower, and architectural blog Urban Arches posted a feature on one aspect of the extensive renovation that was faithful to the building’s historic Beaux Art design.

Not long after the renovations were complete, the Burnham Building’s first tenants in more than eight years moved in. The building will house retail and commercial tenants, and our friends at the Boston Business Journal were Johnny-on-the-spot to capture the occasion.

We expect the spotlight on the Millennium Tower Boston project will get even brighter as the Tower’s 450 residential units hit the market in the fall. Stay tuned.


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