Mobile Grocery Store at Your Front Door

Posted October 11, 2012 by Jason Balla in Business
Grocery Bus

Young entrepreneurs from the Boston University School of Health are focusing on making fresh and healthy food easily accessible to all Bostonians. Called Bell Tower Foods, they will debut their grocery truck this fall, bringing fresh produce and other nutritious food options conveniently to Boston residents’ front doors.

Part of a coalition of grocery trucks attempting to change the food landscape in America, the young company is currently working with area health centers, but hopes to soon focus on urban communities or places with large apartment complexes, such as Boston downtown residences that may not have a grocery store nearby.  The group’s co-founder Seven Chorluyan says he wants to bring the concept of local grocers back, “we want to have a grocer who doesn’t just try to sell you [junk], but keeps you healthy and educates you on the benefits of eating certain items.”

The advantages of a healthy mobile grocery store for Boston’s urban lifestyle are many. Aside from bringing local products from rural growers directly to city residents, the ultra-convenience factor is a major plus – imagine quickly swinging by for ingredients for gourmet vegetarian dinner on your walk back from work in the Financial District to your home downtown!  One could certainly get used to fresh fruit for breakfast on the way to the office everyday, instead of a reheated egg-patty and cheese sandwich…I think I’ll be sticking to double espressos for the time being, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled for Bell Tower Foods fresh produce for sale rolling into Downtown Crossing, hopefully, sometime soon.


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