Caffè Nero Coming Soon (and Other New Places to Eat Downtown in 2014)

Posted February 24, 2014 by Aimee Ortiz in Business
Caffè Nero will opens its doors in DTX in March 2014.

Downtown Crossing is expecting to see a flurry of new businesses open in 2014. Among these are an array of restaurants and specialty shops offering an assortment of gastronomic delights.

So, with all these new places to explore, which ones should you keep your ears open for? Here’s the lowdown on this year’s best new places to eat.

Coffee and Sweets

Downtown Crossing is going to get a taste of Europe this year. Two of the new cafés opening in the area hail from across the Atlantic.

Caffè Nero: Words cannot express how happy I am to see this London-based chain hop across the pond to Boston. Perhaps I’m a little biased (having spent some time studying abroad in London, Caffè Nero’s Americano and I became early-morning best friends), but believe me when I say this café serves fantastic, award-winning, premium Italian coffee.

Started in 1997 by Gerry Ford, Caffè Nero quickly became a success due to its goal of bringing true, authentic Italian espresso to its clients. Downtown Crossing residents will soon wake up to rich (and strong) espresso, served in a European coffee house atmosphere. They also serve fresh made food from local artisans inspired by classic European recipes.

Caffè Nero is expected to open its doors in April at Millennium Place (580 Washington Street).

Enjoy macaroons and french treats at Paul Bakery in 2014

Paul Bakery, one of the new businesses coming to DTX, will delight clients with rich and indulgent treats. Photo Credit:: Yuichi Shiraishi

PAUL Bakery: Oh, PAUL, I never thought I’d see you again! Another eating staple during my travels abroad, PAUL will bring fresh artisan sandwiches and baked goods to Downtown Crossing this spring.

This French chain bakery, with nearly 600 locations worldwide, has been bringing the world fresh, starchy goodness since 1889.

When PAUL opens its doors at One Boston Place in June, I suggest you stop by and get your day started with a sandwich atlantique, with smoked salmon, lettuce, lemon cream cheese, and fresh tomato on a PAUL sesame baguette.

Dinners and Dates

Downtown Boston’s growing residential population has to eat somewhere, which means there will be more delicious places to go for dinner and cocktails. Which places should be at the top of your list?

Legal Crossing is much anticipated and hotly talked about. In case you forgot, Legal Crossing (LX) is Legal Seafood’s new concept luxury restaurant, which will be housed at Millennium Place.

The restaurant will include special amenities for residents, such as an owner’s lounge, a private dining room, and a specially made menu. Regular patrons can expect an upscale take on the traditional LSF menu. LX is also guaranteed to have a lengthy and wine list, as well.

Merchant Restaurant: A self-proclaimed “American brasserie,” Merchant will be headed by Craigie On Main’s former sous-chef, Matthew Foley.

Located at 60 Franklin Street, Merchant, which can accommodate 200 guests, will feature 36 different beers on tap, craft cocktails, wine, a raw bar, and two private dining rooms.

If history proves anything, Foley’s well-established (that is to say, amazing) cooking at Craigie’s means that there is something to be excited about.

This year is bringing lots of new changes downtown, and with it, lots of new places vying to tempt your tongue. Get out there and discover!



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