No Champagne? No Problem: Enter Alcohol Delivery in Downtown Boston.

Posted December 31, 2013 by Cheryl Fenton in Eat & Drink
The Boston Wine Exchange

So, you’re celebrating the start of 2014 at your friend’s new condo at Millennium Place and the last bottle of bubbly is popped well before the ball drops. What’s a reveler to do? Fear not, for alcohol and liquor delivery in Downtown Boston has arrived. These handy to-your-door delivery services solve the Rock-Paper-Scissors game of who has to leave the party to replenish the liquor cabinet.

Be the quintessential party guest. Share these convenient liquor fixes with your now-surely-stressed-out host, and it’s sure to be a happy new year for all.

Drizly: Need some Grey Goose Vodka stat? There’s an app for that. Just log into your account on your smartphone, and order whatever you need. They promise to put booze on your doorstep in 20 minutes to an hour, seven days a week, with a $20 order minimum. For those OCD impatient ones, you can even track your driver to make sure your order is on its way.

The Boston Wine Exchange: And then there was the time when I had a huge roast in the oven, and I glanced over only to find only bottles of Pinot Grigio. Not a bottle of red in sight. What’s an oenophile to do? This new Financial District wine shop solves the problem with its huge selection of wines, craft beers and spirits, from popular faves to hard-to-find gems. They offer alcohol delivery in downtown Boston, between 10am-6pm, Monday to Saturday. A bonus aspect–they partnered with Somerville’s Metro Pedal Power, for green delivery using emissions-free pedal-trucks.

Federal Wine & Spirits: Realize too late that your bar cart is looking mighty empty? This local liquor store feels your pain and wants to numb it with a nice bottle (or three) of Jack Daniels or your favorite wines brought right to your home. If you live within walking distance from their State Street location, you’ll get to take advantage of their free deliveries on orders totaling $75 or more (there’s a small fee if it’s a smaller order). After a few cocktails, I’m pretty sure my idea of what “walking distance” is changes, so give them a call if you’re not sure. If you need a delivery on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, they’ll need a day’s notice.

Drync: You’re at a friend’s party and you start crushing on a bottle of malbec. You must have it. Short of shoving it into your coat pocket, there’s nothing you can do, right? This Boston-based smartphone app disagrees. After scanning the wine label of your obsession, the app shows you pricing and ratings. There’s also a place for you to describe your new love affair (think tasting notes, where you first met). If you decide this is a must-have, put the bottle into your cart and buy one (or a case for free shipping to your home). Boston metro wine lovers rejoice because Drync uses their own delivery service. And yes, they have champagne.



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