Paint Nite ®: For the Artist in All of Us

Posted January 29, 2014 by Aimee Ortiz in Theater & Arts
Paint Nite brings together cocktails and painting.

Boston’s biting winds and low temperatures make the winter a difficult season for outdoor fun. So while you’re mulling over indoor plans in downtown Boston with your friends, why not think about something different? Try your hand at Paint Nite.

What is Paint Nite? The concept blends the passion of art creation with the pleasure of cocktail consumption, a combination that has proved popular since its inception.

Paint Nite is hosted every Monday at 49 Social (49 Temple Place, Boston), where artists teach and guide bar-goers through two-hour painting sessions. Attendees are provided with paints, a canvas, easel, smock, and brushes. The instructor for the evening is usually a local art student, but many are professional artists as well.

This ingenious idea, a brainchild of Dan Hermann (also president and founder of LazyBones, Inc.), Sean McGrail, and Pranav Vaidya, has been gaining popularity since its launch in Boston in early March 2012, with about 35 participants in each session.

According to Kelsey Meany of The Daily Beast, the idea for Paint Nite came about during a friend’s birthday celebration. Several cocktails and napkin scribblings later, the entrepreneurial group of friends had a business plan.

Paint Nite!

Paint Nite is hosted every Monday at 49 Social. Photo courtesy of Paint Nite ®

Now, before the panic of taking a painting class sets in, take comfort in knowing that the atmosphere at Paint Nite is very relaxed. This is set up to resemble more of a party than an art class. “When there isn’t instruction taking place, music is played, and people are free to mingle as they go to and from getting their cocktails,” said McGrail in an interview. But each evening is geared toward artists of varying proficiency, with some evenings aimed at beginners and designated Very Easy, and others deemed Very Hard for the more accomplished (there are 5 levels in all).

The best part of it all? Guests get to take their masterpieces home with them after an excellent experience. Win-win-win.



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