Pats Poised for a Playoff Run

Posted January 4, 2013 by Ross Wyszomierski in Sports

Well, it’s that time of year again.  The holidays have come and gone, the fruitcake is in the trashcan and memories of New Year’s Eve are finally coming back to you.  Now, we turn our attention to an event that could quite possibly be bigger than Christmas and New Year’s Eve combined, the Super Bowl.

Yes, the NFL playoffs kickoff this weekend around the country, but we Pats’ fans will have to wait one more week to see our beloved team take the field.  However, there is no reason we can’t discuss why this New England team is set up to make a deep run in this year’s playoffs.

The Pats earned a first-round bye last Sunday by holding the Miami Dolphins to a goose egg on the scoreboard, and with a little help from a Houston Texans loss.

There are only three teams that the Pats can face next week: the Texans, the Colts or the Ravens.  This should put smiles on the faces of Pats’ fans because Tom Brady has combined for eight touchdowns, zero interceptions and completed 65.8 percent of his passes against these three teams.

Yes, the Pats did lose a nail-biter to Baltimore back in September, but what we most recently remember is the total annihilation of the Texans on Monday Night Football in early December.  If you fans believe in momentum for the playoffs, remember that the Texans and Ravens are a combined 2-7 down the stretch coming into this weekend.

The Pats have a little momentum rolling with them, but most importantly on the defensive side of the ball.  There has been much improvement on defense the last six weeks of the regular season.  In the last six games, the Pats have only given up 17.7 points-per-game, which ranks tied for fourth in the NFL (as opposed to 22.5 ppg, ranking 16th in the first 10 games of the season.)

Perhaps the acquisition of cornerback Aqib Talib at the trade deadline is credited to the defense shaping up.  With Talib adding stability to the secondary, the Pats are free to rush more than just the four linemen, and thus cause more problems for opposing quarterbacks.

pat2I’m also looking forward to seeing some intense football spikes in the end zone from Rob Gronkowski, who just came back from a broken forearm.  I cannot tell you how big that is for this offense.  Aaron Hernandez is hard enough to cover, but “Gronk” is even harder.  They create a matchup nightmare.

Coach Belichick is making sure his players grasp the importance of their off time, saying “You make one mistake in this type of game and that’s your season.’ It’s no more, ‘I’ll get it figured out next week and it’s something we have to learn from and move on from.’ No, it’s your season.”

Buckle your seat belts Pats’ fans.  We could be in for one wild ride this winter and remember one thing…if we make it to New Orleans, we know those pesky Giants won’t be there.


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