Personal Stylist Ali Ehrlich Tackles Closets and Trends

Posted December 12, 2014 by Cheryl Fenton in Downtown Boston
Fashion Tips From Ali

“When you look good, you feel good” is Ali Ehrlich’s motto. As the founder of Right Up Your Ali styling, this Boston native should know. She’s spent the past 18 years designing wardrobes for local ladies while working in high-end fashion (a few notable names like Chanel and Valentino). With her signature devil-in-the-details style and an outstanding boot collection that grabbed the Boston Herald’s attention, Ehrlich loves helping others discover ways to shine through the perfect wardrobe.

Whether it’s revamping work wear or making your holiday outfit killer (her hint: a bit of festive sparkle), her styling services might be right up your alley.

TheVoiceofDowntownBoston: Why would someone turn to a personal stylist?

Ali Ehrlich: People are their own worst critics. They tend to cover, rather than accentuate, their best attributes. A fresh pair of eyes, an objective mirror, if you will, can give the client a fresh perspective that accurately reflects their best self.

VoD: What’s your most popular service?
AE: More often than not, people hire me to start in their closet. We go through to determine what to keep, what to consign or donate, what needs alterations. Based on what’s lacking, we go shopping. There are also clients who want to skip the closet portion and just shop! Invariably, I end up back in their closet.


Stroll down Newbury street for some fantastic shopping.

VoD: Closets are terrifying. Are most people eager or nervous to commit to the clean out?
AE: Clothing usually has a story behind it. I can be guilty of not wanting to get rid of something in my own closet because of sentimentality. But I can be objective and if something looks too worn or simply out of fashion, I’ll encourage people to let it go. If it holds a special place in their heart, I’ll encourage them to keep it but not front and center in their closet.

VoD: What is one piece of clothing you would never toss?
AE: I have an old, perfectly broken-in pair of jeans with holes (not holes I purchased). Although ripped jeans are en vogue, these aren’t! They’re comfy for lounging around the house but never leave.

VoD: Tell us about being a Boston girl.
AE: My parents still live in the same house I grew up in. It’s a more manageable city than New York but has so much to offer. I love being able to drive 45 minutes to the ocean. I love being able to stroll down Newbury Street. It’s a beautiful city rich with culture and charm.

VoD: What are your favorite shopping places in Boston?
AE: I’m a huge fan of Vince and Rag & Bone. For jeans, I love Riccardi or Tobey Grey. For an overall department store, Saks is my go-to.

VoD: With your luxury background, what are your favorite high-end designers?
AE: I am a huge fan of Christian Louboutin. Nothing says luxury more than the subtle elegance of the infamous red bottom. I am the sucker that waited 2 1/2 hours to have him sign the bottom of my boots at Saks. I love anything Chanel. I have fabulous Chanel pieces and they’re timeless. There’s Cartier or BVlgari jewelry. I still have on a Cartier LOVE bracelet from when I was 18 and never take it off.