Roche Bobois: Contemporary Furniture in Downtown Boston

Posted February 10, 2014 by Stephanie Rineman in Downtown Crossing
Roche Bobois is all about customization, offering a variety of choices for colors and finishes.

If you build it, they will come. When Roche Bobois opened its Downtown Crossing location eight years ago, it was a neighborhood characterized by commercial spaces, restaurants, and offices. With the continuously growing addition of residences (like Millennium Place across the street), the furniture company is now at the forefront of our urban community. Nestled on the ground floor of the Ritz Carlton Towers, the shop is in an area that is quickly becoming an enclave of modern architecture and floor-to-ceiling glass.

Walking into the open showroom is like a jolt to the senses, with its variety of materials and dazzling array of colors that rival a Pantone wheel. A far cry from the cookie-cutter furniture companies that apply a one-size-fits-all approach, Roche Bobois’ approach to luxury style is all about choices. The company prides itself on its mission of designing contemporary furniture that can be customized in virtually any way possible, from color and shape, to woods and finishes. The end result? A piece that is entirely yours.

The Downtown Crossing location is at the corner of Washington and Avery Street.

The Downtown Crossing location is at the corner of Washington and Avery Street. Photo Credit: Stephanie Rineman

Although Roche Bobois has been in Boston for more than 20 years, its history dates back to 1950s France, when Jacques Roche opened stores on rue de Lyon. Together with his two sons, Roche began distributing high-end contemporary furniture. In the 60s, the family business merged with that of Patrick and Jean-Claude Chouchan, two Parisian furniture designers. After the two families worked together to design a catalog, the national franchise was born. The company now has a presence in 40 countries, with 240 stores and growing; the company estimates that it opens a new store each month.

Despite its rich history, this furniture company is anything but old fashioned, with both its innovative design approach and its commitment to environmental responsibility. In the early 2000s, the company developed its own eco-design program, which is used to measure the environmental profile of its products and to continue to become more and more green. It has also found its footing in technological services: In addition to the more traditional interior design services offered within the showroom, you can also make use of the 3D design studio online to see just which of the many, many colors will be best for your space.

Roche Bobois and its network of European creators, designers, and architects work year-round to keep things fresh by launching an exclusive new collection every six months.



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