Roche Brothers Bringing More Than Groceries to Downtown Crossing

Posted April 11, 2014 by Kayla Baker in Business
Burnham Building Retail

The Downtown Crossing area of Boston is currently booming, an upscale neighborhood with a myriad of luxury housing options that have recently cropped up in the area. One of the newest of the arrivals in the neighborhood, Millennium Tower Boston, will bring yet another vital commodity to the quickly growing number of Downtown Crossing residents; a grocery store.

A Roche Brothers supermarket has been confirmed as a major addition to the retail portion of Millennium Tower Boston. The local Massachusetts gourmet grocery chain is set to open their first urban location in the Tower in 2015. And while this new store will be a first for the Roche Brothers chain, it will also be a first for Downtown Crossing. With the area being primarily known as a business district for the past several years, there has never been a full service supermarket available in the neighborhood.

Millennium Tower Boston & Burnham Building

Millennium Partners pays homage to the classic past of Downtown Crossing while establishing the look of its future. Photo courtesy of Millennium Partners.

The addition of Roche Brothers will therefore be key to neighborhood growth. Not only will it provide a convenient place for downtown residents to shop for groceries, but it will also add to the growing number of reasons that Downtown Crossing is a neighborhood with much to offer at any time of day. As more residents are moving into the towers that are being built downtown, the demand for conveniently located stores and restaurants with convenient hours of operation has risen dramatically. In order to revitalize the neighborhood, its residents must have something to compel them to spend their free time downtown, and this new Roche Brothers location will do just that. This further cements the idea that Downtown Crossing is a neighborhood where people come to live and play, not just to work.

Roche Brothers will be located in the renovated Burnham Building section of the Millennium Tower project. The Burnham Building is iconically known to Bostonians as the site of the original Filene’s department store. Filene’s became synonymous with Downtown Crossing when the flagship store opened on the corner of Washington and Summer streets in 1912, and the original building still has a sentimental connection for Bostonians. The plan is to keep the facade of the Burnham Building but to also showcase its luxury shopping and dining offerings with ultra-modern glass walls along the building’s side. Marrying the Beaux Art architecture of the old facade with modern luxury construction and convenient retail options like Roche Brothers, Millennium Partners pays homage to the classic past of Downtown Crossing while establishing the look of its future.


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