Soak in the Summer Sun by Exercising Outside in Boston

Posted June 16, 2015 by Jon Erik Christianson in Urban Living
Faneuil Hall Springtime

Don’t trap yourself in a claustrophobic gym all summer long; break free and explore Boston as it’s illuminated by radiant sunshine and infinite opportunity. Summer’s for socializing, excitement, and adventure—all things you can accomplish while simultaneously building a better you.

Starting this month, three different organizations have gathered their resources to bring outdoor exercise activities to Beantown. These energetic events and convenient classes allow Bostonians to shape up while still taking advantage of the season’s stunning weather.

The Boston Parks Summer Fitness Series

Of the outdoor fitness activities offered this summer in Boston, the Boston Parks Series is easily the most comprehensive and accessible to the diverse and varied citizens of the city. The program provides seven different types of activities in nine different locations across the Boston metropolitan area.

The seven types of classes are: Line Dancing, Tai Chi, Yoga, Boot Camp, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Workout, Zumba, and Salsa Dancing.

The HIIT Workout provides the best bang for your (metaphorical) buck. It strengthens your muscles and amps up your metabolism through a series of intense, short-interval exercises. Boot Camp classes are similarly intensive, and also utilize accessible exercises such as jumping jacks, lunges, and push-ups. Instructors will often tailor each class to the environment that it is set in.

People looking for a more soothing exercise experience may opt for Tai Chi or Yoga; both promote stress reduction, relaxation, and uniting the mind, body, and spirit.

Those seeking to put some spring (even in the summer!) in their step should check out Line Dancing, Salsa Dancing, and Zumba. No prior dance knowledge is required; all that’s needed is a comfortable pair of shoes and a willingness to learn.

Classes are available near the Frog Pond, Madison Park, Christopher Columbus Park, the South End, Fenway, Roxbury, Dorchester, and Jamaica Plain during weekdays.

Faneuil Hall Fitness by Equinox

Many people associate Faneuil Hall with street performers, sumptuous food, and unparalleled history. This summer, it’ll soon be associated with Tabata.

On July 13th and August 17th, high-end health club Equinox will be hosting a Tabata class at Faneuil Hall. Tabata is another way people refer to HIIT exercise; it’s an efficient, effective manner of working out. Equinox describes the experience as:

“An intense workout that torches calories, boosts endurance, and strengthens every muscle with a high intensity routine. Perfect for beach season, the dynamic conditioning experience consists of 20 second bouts of high intensity training followed by 10 seconds of rest. This is done eight times at four minute intervals meant to increase athletic performance, boost VO2Max, and decrease body fat.”

These class are open to members and non-members alike, and take place at 6:15 p.m. It’s the perfect way to get in a work out after a long day at work.

P.O. Fitness Classes

Set in Boston’s bustling financial district at the lush Norman B. Leventhal Park, the P.O. Fitness Classes (named as such for being in Post Office Square) offer a similar experience to those of the Boston Parks Summer Fitness Series.

In addition to traditional Bootcamp, HIIT, and Zumba, this series also offers Pilates and two specific types of yoga: Yoga Flow and Morning Stretch & Renew Yoga.

Classes have already begun, and will continue until the middle of September. No reservations are required for these classes; all new participants need to do is sign the waiver upon arrival. You can jump on in any time during the summer! New folks don’t even need a yoga mat; they’re provided with each session.