Support For Winthrop Square Proposal Is On The Rise

Posted March 28, 2017 by Hannah Cyprus in Business
Winthrop Square

I recently had dinner and a drink at a new restaurant downtown. Even though I was enjoying some well-deserved me time, I must admit that I was listening in on the conversation happening next to me—the couple was impressed by all the new restaurants and shops in the neighborhood and eager for even more improvements and new opportunities.

They’re not alone, either. Each time I visit downtown there’s something new popping up that keeps me coming back for more. While the scene has greatly improved thanks to the Godfrey Hotel, Ruka Restobar, Caffé Nero, Primark, and more, the area has turned into a true neighborhood complete with the hottest places to live like 45 Province Street, Millennium Tower, and Millennium Place.

All this talk about transformation got me thinking about what’s next. If you haven’t already heard, the city has just awarded Millennium Boston with Winthrop Square, which would extend this growing vibrancy into the Financial District. It turns out I’m not the only one who’s looking forward to seeing the development break ground. In fact, Millennium Boston is leading a coalition dubbed “Let Boston Rise” that has hundreds of supporters and a Facebook page with more than 1,300 likes. Additionally, more than 430 people have sent letters to the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) expressing their support for the project.

But what exactly are supporters saying? Here are some excerpts from their letters, which were recently made public:

“The state-of-the-art office space will attract businesses to the area that provide good paying jobs so that everyone benefits from the existing infrastructure improvements.”

“As an employer in Downtown Crossing, I can say firsthand it is essential we maintain the vibrancy of the neighborhood.”

“We look forward to using the Great Hall for communal gatherings of celebration, culture, and business.”

While the space is currently home to a dilapidated four-story parking garage, the proposed 750-foot hybrid high-rise would be the tallest and greenest tower in the entire city. More importantly, our mayor has promised to put $100 million of the funds from the sale towards Boston Common, Franklin Park, and other greenspace as well as redevelop affordable housing.

This is truly an exciting vision of what Boston can become and the buzz is well-deserved.  Winthrop Square would join the dozens of other recent downtown additions in redefining the Boston skyline and enhancing the city for generations to come. As for me, I’m looking forward to overhearing more neighborhood conversations in new and lively places.