Teatro Gives Classic Italian a Contemporary Twist

Posted July 22, 2014 by Kayla Baker in Dining Downtown: Restaurant Reviews
Teatro Boston

Contrary to popular belief, the North End is not the only neighborhood in Boston that can satisfy a craving for Italian food. Downtown Boston’s very own Teatro serves up a contemporary take on classic Italian dishes from Chef Jamie Mammamo in a location that reflects the elegance and style of the historical theaters nearby. The restaurant’s marble walls and arched ceilings are paired with an open kitchen and modern decor to create an atmosphere much like their menu; dynamic and casually elegant.

Within the first moment of entering the restaurant, the lively chattering of other patrons and the soft but upbeat music alerted me to the fact that I was in a very happening place. We were quickly seated and the hostess presented us with a considerable wine list and cocktail menu. Our waiter then dropped off our menus and pointed out the specials before giving us a few moments to peruse.

I decided to start my meal off with light summer fare; a blood orange bellini and a romaine salad with ceasar dressing. The bellini was delightfully tart and bubbly, and I had to remind myself to sip it slowly and not be fooled by its candy-like flavor. When I ordered the salad I didn’t anticipate that I would have much to say about it, but Teatro impressed me right off the bat. I believe the word I used to describe it to my dining companion was “divine”. The lettuce was perfectly crisp, the dressing was light but still creamy, and it was topped with a paper-thin layer of parmesan. I would have been happy to call it a night right then and there.

Of course, I didn’t. My eyes caught the words “parmesan truffle fries” on the menu and the next thing I knew I was repeating them to the waiter. They came out piping hot and golden brown, the sprinkling of cheese complementing the truffle oil for an excellent savory combination. The fries themselves were on the softer side, which is a personal preference of mine, but they may not be right for those who prefer crispier fries.

Teatro Tortelleni

The tortelloni featured fresh pasta stuffed with three cheeses and was accompanied by heirloom tomatoes in a tomato broth. Photo courtesy of Teatro.

Once it came time to choose the entree, I opted for a small serving of tortelloni, as my appetizers had filled me too much for a large portion. The tortelloni featured fresh pasta stuffed with three cheeses and was accompanied by heirloom tomatoes in a tomato broth. The pasta itself was nice and firm and the filling was absolutely perfect. Many tortellonis are ruined by runny fillings, but Teatro has their stuffed pastas down to a science (and possibly an art, if their presentation is considered). The tomatoes were soft and sweet and the broth was so good that I couldn’t help but dip a slice of bread in it to finish it off.

Throughout the evening I had seen waiters carrying small chocolate cakes, so I made sure to save room for dessert. To my pleasant surprise, the cake was filled with a butterscotch sauce and topped with vanilla gelato. I ordered an Italian coffee as well to round out my delectable last course.

Teatro’s extensive menu of contemporary Italian dishes combined with its smart casual atmosphere makes it the ideal location for a lively dinner with friends or a summer evening excursion with a significant other. With a full bar and many delectable options for every course, it’s the type of place that invites you to stay awhile and enjoy yourself, and I can’t imagine any reason to not enjoy Teatro.



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