Telling Stress to Take a Hike: Downtown Boston’s Spas

Posted July 30, 2014 by Cheryl Fenton in Downtown Boston
Couples Massage Suite at Chuan Body & Soul

Insanely packed work week schedules. Busy errand-running weekends. A family beach vacation so hectic that you need another vacation. You need away time just for yourself. Can we get an amen? Every woman and man, we’re guessing, would love a day just to unwind his or her mind. If you’re in the downtown area, there are plenty of spas to discover the exact escape you’ve been craving.

Chuan Body + Soul, The Langham Hotel, 250 Franklin Street, 617-451-1900: Chilling out is as easy as counting to five. Chuan Body + Soul’s unique use of Traditional Chinese Medicine-inspired luxuries is a nod to the ancient traditions of the East. So say hello to the five elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water, as you recapture your inner harmony with carefully crafted facials, massages, scrubs, wraps, and hand and foot therapies. Essential oils, semi-precious stones, incense and teas all bring the elements back into balance. It’s fitting that “chuan” translates to “flowing water” in Chinese. With some of their signature treatments, such as the Herbal Salt Scrub and the Heavenly Jing Luo Foot Treatment, you’ll be a puddle of tranquility.

Spas Downtown Boston

If you’re in the downtown area, there are plenty of spas to discover.

Marc Harris Spa and Salon, 125 Broad Street, 617-443-8633: Located in the Financial District, this is where science and nature meet to calm you down. This spa uses the best active natural ingredients combined with traditional and modern European techniques to get you back to beautiful. The massages are anything but basic (but if you want basic, they can do that too). Look into the Bamboo massage that uses actual stalks to promote drainage, or the Candle Lotion massage that combines gentle touch with a warm, melty soy candle. Of course, the hustle and bustle of the Financial District has nothing on their rejuvenating and relaxing facials and body rituals. Carry that summer glow into fall with their Sun Kissed Ritual of exfoliation, hydration and self-tanner.

The Sports Club/LA, 4 Avery Street, 617.375.8200: The Sports Club/LA’s spa is a great place to relax even if the last time you put on workout wear was because you needed to do laundry. Acquired by Equinox Gyms a hot second ago, this popular fitness center pulls some serious wait in the spa world as well. Check out their balancing facials, massages and restorative body treatments, including the Aromatherapy Therapeutic Aloe Vera wrap, which is perfect for when too much beach time has left your skin high and dry.

Exhale Mind Body Spa, 45 Province Street, 617-532-7000: Spa-goers in Boston’s downtown exhale a sigh of relief. With a three locations around town, this popular name in relaxation and body balance is a triple threat against stress with yoga, Core Fusion fitness and spa services. If you’re lucky enough to live in 45 PROVINCE, you have your very own Exhale exclusive to residents. The spectacular light-drenched spa, fitness studio and mediation lounge offers spa treatments and healing therapies such as their signature Fusion massage, purifying all-natural G.R.N. Manis, acupuncture and vibrational therapy. For a body-better mindset, extend your stay with nutritional coaching, yoga or a Core Fusion fitness class.

Worry, stress and aches, begone. With a visit to one of these spas, you’ll be ready for another hectic vacation in no time.


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