The 2015 Regatta: Head of the Charles

Posted October 8, 2015 by Paul Fey in Downtown Boston
Charles River

As per tradition, on the penultimate weekend of October, the Mew England autumn will play backdrop to the Head of the Charles Regatta, as Boston and its guests gather around the river’s edge to see the exciting heave-ho of crew teams combining strength and skill, with coxswains shouting commands that rise above the crowd’s hum. Donning seasonal sweaters, spectators will watch from bridges as the sculls glide beneath them. Others will take to the trees with binoculars for a better view of the action, and more still will look on from the Charles’ banks.

On Saturday, the 17th, in the crisp 8 am fall air, the Men’s Senior Veterans Singles launches the 2015 Head of the Charles Regatta, and it’s off to the literal races. The first day of competition continues through various Masters, Alumni, Club and Collegiate events. Sunday showcases Youth events early, and moves on to Masters Singles, Lightweight events, Collegiate 8’s, and more. Reference the full schedule to ensure you’re there to root on your favorite teams, and experience your favorite events.

Spectators can catch the halfway point in an area matching the excitement of the races. The Weld Exhibition is the place to go to enjoy the lively and bustling, signature Cambridge vibe the Regatta has to offer. Make your way to the Harvard Boathouse, and between the Weeks and Lars Anderson bridges you’ll find the official sponsors of this year’s Regatta lining the banks, offering free samples and tastes of local flavors to a milling crowd.

Or, take a seat at the bank of Reunion Village while the PA system provides color commentary. The Reunion Village will be the place for spectators to connect with clubs, schools, alumni groups, parents, boosters and friends. Still, you don’t need to be a card carrying member to get in. Tickets are available to all. With that ticket, you have access to Reunion Village’s concessions, wine, and cold beer. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a friend over a good beer.

Perhaps you’re looking for a classy Regatta experience. In that case, the purchase of a ticket for the Eliot Bridge Enclosure provides come-and-go controlled access to the hospitality tent. The Eliot Bridge Enclosure offers a distinctive dining experience. In the early morning, there will be coffee and breakfast items available. At lunch, the Eliot Bridge Enclosure puts on a gourmet buffet, with a bar serving premium beers, fine wine, and soft drinks (two drinks are included with the ticket).

The Rowing and Fitness Expo is the place to be at the end of each day, because after the Charles has been mastered, and rowers have pushed their bodies to the brink, and a coxswain or two has lost their voice, there will be champions. Four Award Ceremonies (Saturday 4, 6:30; Sunday 3, 5:30) will announce the winners to the congratulating crowds gathered at the Rowing and Fitness Expo.

For the perfect balance of culture and sport, head over to the Charles for a great Regatta experience. Visit the Head of the Charles Regatta official website for more details.