The Future of Facebook Marketing Is in Downtown Boston

Posted October 21, 2013 by Jen Dorman in Business
Nanigans Facebook marketing software

How many brand pages have you clicked “Like” for on Facebook? Every business seems to have a Facebook page for marketing purposes these days, and they are all fighting for your attention. With the right tools, some will get ahead.

Nanigans, a business headquartered in downtown Boston, is changing the Facebook marketing game. They offer technology to help companies connect with those consumers who will be most valuable to them over time. Rather than simply going after the lowest cost customers, their technology identifies the best individuals for businesses to target and assists them in buying ads more efficiently on this monster social media site.

To accomplish this, they see the future—in a technological way, not a psychic way. Cheryl Morris, director of marketing, explains that they use predictive analytics. They’ve invested three years of R&D into building algorithms to foresee how various audiences will purchase over time after engaging with social and mobile ads. “Predictive lifetime value is all about finding and remarketing to the people who are most valuable to a specific brand,” explains Morris.

In helping companies acquire new lifelong customers and generate sales, the focus is on driving real business goals. Their clients have numbers in mind. Naturally, engineering and data science are at the core of Nanigans. They currently have PhD data scientists working to improve their already rocking predictive lifetime value technology. Two Harvard professors of computer science and statistics are leading the initiative.

Nanigans' Boston Office

Data and engineering are essential roles at Nanigans’s Boston offices. Photo credit: Nanigans.

But there are many more people contributing to their success. What better place than our hub city to rally together impressive talent? In fact, Nanigans has grown in the last three years and now has more than 115 technical A-team players. This has meant expanding into several downtown Boston office spaces, offering convenience for employees. “Many of our employees live right in the Boston area, including the Back Bay, Southie, Charlestown, and Cambridge neighborhoods. Some even fly in almost weekly from San Francisco,” says Morris.

Beyond an easy commute to a centrally located office, the team also takes advantage of opportunities to have fun together outside the office. With so many dining, nightlife, and entertainment options nearby, happy hour is indeed a joyful time! Faneuil Hall is only a stone’s throw away from the office, with Hillstone and Sterling’s serving up delicious dishes and cocktails. A couple blocks farther, you’ll find Scholar’s, Gem, and other fun bars for extending the post-work entertainment well into the evening. Much like sleepless social media platforms, downtown Boston buzzes with activity at all hours.

Next time you see a company advertising on Facebook, Boston-based Nanigans might be helping them appear on your screen. What’s not to “Like” about that?



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