The Holiday Office Party: Where’s Your Downtown Rendezvous?

Posted November 25, 2013 by Aimee Ortiz in Business
Marliave Boston

Every year, office workers are privy to a glorious and (sometimes) rare sight—the less-than-sober boss. Well, maybe it depends on your company, but for me one thing remains certain: Office holiday parties are the best. Chock full of good food, specialty drinks, and entertainment, the holiday office party gives workers a way to relax and celebrate their achievements to round out the year.

So just where should you have your business’s rendezvous? Well, it depends on the company. Are you a swanky new start-up? What about the corporate folks? Where should they hang their ties? Use your company culture to find the right place for your office holiday party and research your downtown venue options. It’ll save you many, many headaches. So to help you get started, take a look and see which category best describes your company.

Company Type: The Start-Up

Ideal Venue: GEM

GEM Italian Kitchen, Nightclub & Lounge is the place to go for a company’s first holiday office party. A little easier on the company wallet, GEM offers decadent plates like seared Chilean bass served with toasted corn fregola, garlic spinach, and vin cotto for only $32. GEM is ideal for start-up businesses that want to treat their employees to fine dining without going bankrupt. As for drinks? I recommend their Cloud Nine (Hennessy VS, St. Germain, and fresh citrus); it’ll make you forget about the cold outside.

Back Deck

Back Deck in Downtown Crossing. Photo by way of Flickr user Allesok.

Honorable Mention: Back Deck

Company Type: Strictly Corporate

Ideal Venue: Marliave

It is Boston’s fourth-oldest restaurant, and if you take one glance at Marliave’s black and beige exterior, you know that you are in for a treat. The upstairs dining room will accommodate up to 200 guests for one whimsical, wintery evening. Dine on Osso Buco (Berkshire pork, bacon-fat-roasted Brussels sprouts, and fingerling potatoes) and sip on luscious cocktails like Marliave’s signature Henry Marliave Cocktail (Grey Goose vodka, Lillet Blanc, and Chambord). Treat your employees with this fancy evening and toast to upcoming successes in the New Year.

Honorable Mention: 49 Social

Company Type: Executive Styling

Ideal Venue: Petit Robert Central

Located at the corner of Summer and Arch Street, Petit Robert Central brings a bit of France to Downtown Crossing. I suggest renting the Paris Café or, if you have a larger guest list, the Conference Room. As for the food, this restaurant simply can do no wrong. Armed with their succulent Beef Bourguignon (burgundy wine-braised beef short rib and honey glazed carrots) and their devilishly sweet Mousse au Chocolat, Langue de Chat (rich chocolate mousse and whipped cream, served with a thin vanilla wafer), Petit Robert Central will enrapture your employees’ taste buds. And, of course, let’s not forget the drinks of the evening. Petit Robert Central boasts a long wine list, chock full of reds, whites, and rosés. Buy by the glass or bottle and celebrate the end of a great fourth quarter.

Honorable Mention: Avenue One

Celebrate the holidays in Downtown Boston with your employees in the way they’ll enjoy the most—with a party. And a successful event means your employees will leave with a night to remember, refreshed and ready to begin a new, productive year.



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