The Office’s Rainn Wilson Comes to the Wilbur Theater

Posted November 11, 2015 by Jon Erik Christianson in Theater & Arts
Bassoon King

For nine years, actor and media entrepreneur Rainn Wilson delighted and baffled (intentionally, of course) audiences as Dwight Schrute on NBC’s The Office. The show, set at the fictional office of Scranton, Pennsylvania’s Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, championed the “mockumentary” single-camera style of sitcom to American audiences, and kept audiences entertained with its many peculiar personalities, of which Wilson played perhaps the most peculiar character of all.

Other prominent parts of his filmography include the television procedural Backstrom (in which he was the lead character), Monsters vs. Aliens, The Boy, and Juno.

He’s also gone on to found SuperPancake, the encompassing label for his website, YouTube channel, and bestselling book for which he was a co-author.

Today, Wilson brings a little piece of Scranton—and all the other corners of his life—to Boston’s historic Wilbur Theatre as part of his The Bassoon King book tour.

At his stop in Boston, Wilson will be recounting stories and lessons encountered in his life as an actor, nerd, screenwriter, author, and practitioner of the Bahá’í faith. In an interview with USA Today, he teases some of the stories he’ll be telling in his book and, subsequently, on this 12-city book tour. Highlights include his childhood experiences on Nicaragua, life as a poor actor in New York City, his struggles with drugs and alcohol, his faith, and his ascent from nerd to theatre geek in high school. He affectionately refers to his status of theatre geek as “the highest rung on the vast, pimply ladder of high school losers.”

Unlike other celebrity autobiographical stories, The Bassoon King does not keep readers at a cool, convenient distance. He speaks openly about his obstacles and abject failures. In the same interview, he actually speaks (relatively) fondly of them, as they became moments for personal growth.

At the Wilbur Theatre, Wilson will put his humor chops to the test in retelling his life’s greatest successes and triumphs. It’s an ideal experience for fans of The Office, budding actors, and anybody who likes a good laugh. Fans of Dwight Schrute should also consider checking out Wilson’s book, as it’s forwarded by Wilson as the famous character. The book officially went on sale November 10th. Wilson went on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and smashed a bassoon on stage to promote it.

In the introduction, Schrute asks “why is this privileged Hollywood windbag writing a memoir when he’s in his 40s?” In the following pages, Wilson answers that question.

The event will start at 7:30 p.m. and tickets may be purchased on the Wilbur Theatre’s website. This event marks Wilson’s sole book tour stop into New England. On subsequent days, he’ll be speaking in Milwaukee, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, and more.

The 102-year-old Wilbur Theatre houses well over one thousand attendees, and is a premiere Boston location for music and comedy. The historic location can be found at 246 Tremont Street.