The Old Town Trolley Chocolate Tour: A Golden Ticket to Boston’s Chocolate Fantasy Land

Posted March 10, 2015 by Kayla Baker in Downtown Boston
Chocolate Trolley

Every Boston resident has seen the Old Town Trolleys driving around Downtown, shuttling visitors from landmark to landmark. What residents may not know is that Old Town Trolleys offers more than just a tour of historical sites; they also offer many themed tours, including the Original Boston Chocolate Tour. I booked my ticket for the chocolate tour weeks in advance, while the blizzard was still raging outside. By the time that mild February day finally came I was bouncing with anticipation. I couldn’t wait to get outside and taste some of the city’s finest chocolate.

Eating chocolate is definitely the highlight of the Old Town Trolley Chocolate Tour, but the tour guides ensure the time spent between stops is not wasted. Boston’s chocolate history runs deep, from the invention of the chocolate chip cookie at the Toll House Inn in the 1930s to the opening of the Taza Chocolate factory in Somerville in 2006, and the tour guides are filled with chocolate fun facts to share during the trolley rides. There were also pop quizzes given by the guides about Boston history, with pieces of chocolate handed out as prizes. These quizzes kept the trolley rides interactive and even bred a little competition between the riders! It was almost a shame when we pulled up to the restaurants and had to leave the trolley– though that feeling dissipated as soon as I remembered the pure chocolate indulgence waiting inside.

Omni Parker House Boston Cream Pie

Boston Cream Pie at the Omni Parker House Hotel. Photo Credit: Kayla Baker

There are three stops on the chocolate tour– The Top of the Hub, the Omni Parker House Hotel, and the Langham Hotel. The Top of the Hub serves a different dish each weekend so it’s always a surprise for the group. Upon entering the restaurant, I was shown a seat at the window overlooking Downtown. A chocolate mousse cake with vanilla bean ice cream was immediately served and I was left to enjoy the spectacular view with my chocolate indulgence. The cake was phenomenal, but the time spent gazing over the beautiful snow-covered city was the real treat of that stop.

The experience at the Omni Parker House Hotel was distinct from the Top of the Hub but equally as memorable. The Omni Parker is the home of the original Boston Cream Pie, which we enjoyed in the gorgeous Parker’s Restaurant while a hotel employee regaled us with stories of the hotel’s history and the creation of the official Massachusetts state dessert. Learning of the Omni Parker’s role in shaping the Downtown Boston we know today was a pleasant addition to the pie tasting.

Chocolate fountain at the Langham Hotel

Chocolate fountain at the Langham Hotel. Photo Credit: Kayla Baker

The last stop on the tour was the Langham Hotel’s chocolate buffet. The buffet has an “Around the World” theme, with each chocolate display representing a different country. There were traditional North American treats such as cupcakes and cookies, European chocolate and fruit tarts, and chocolate delicacies from every continent. There was also a five-tier chocolate fountain with various dippers and a crepe making station for diners with a DIY dessert approach. The Langham Hotel’s chocolate bar is the epitome of a “world”-class chocolate experience, and it’s impossible to leave unimpressed or unsatisfied.

The Old Town Trolley Chocolate Tour is a perfect afternoon delight for Downtown residents with a serious sweet tooth. The tour runs every Saturday from January through April and tickets can be purchased on the Old Town Trolley Tour website. Groups of friends looking for a fun alternative to brunch or couples on a spring date will enjoy the indulgence and interactive experience of Boston’s Original Chocolate Tour.