The Realish Housewives of Boston brings booze, Botox and brawls to the Shubert Theatre

Posted March 17, 2016 by Cheryl Fenton in Theater & Arts
The Realish Housewives is set to hit Shubert Theatre at the end of the month.

Reeking of booze, pumped up with Botox, and bobbing and weaving with the punches, The Realish Housewives of Boston are fully loaded and ready to take on Boston. This troupe of six “housewives,” now on a national tour, take the stage at the Shubert Theatre and they’re more sauced and less scripted than any ladies you’ve seen before. Translation: keep the cocktails flowing. You’re in for a can’t-look-away train wreck of a comedy.

Running March 29 through April 3, consider this your very own city-centric reality show. Nothing is sacred as the cast performs a parody based on Boston’s hometown headlines. These loony “ladies who lunch” delve right in to tackle our current events and big names around town. Even you the audience could end up getting in on the act, with shows in other cities including moments during which one of the ladies picks an audience member as her on-stage husband. Lucky guy.

Beefed up with local references as they travel from city to city, The Realish Housewives parodies the popular TV reality show we’ve all come to binge watch as we cultivate the familiar multi-layered love/hate relationships.  They talk to, about and over each other, their actions spurred on by the show’s host and instigator of conflict.

This original play, created and written by veteran Chicago-based comics Kate James and Tim Sniffen, boasts a cast of on-stage characters that rival any of the worst/best groups of women stomping through Boston neighborhoods. You’ll meet Ravonka (Lori McClain), the baroness of an uncertain ethnicity who speaks with a vague Eastern European accent, and the preachy and gossipy Claudia Louise C.L. (Katy Carolina Collins), equal parts glamour and conniving ruthlessness. There’s the ditzy blonde bombshell Desiree (Emjoy Gavino), a neck supermodel, along with the brassy and sassy self-made business tycoon Brooke (Lindsey Pearlman). Last but certainly not least, you’ll get to know Gwen (Katie Caussin), the only one in the bunch with half a brain – even though she just got out of prison for a local scandal.

The maven madhouse is all under the “control” of Randy Bowen (played by Jackson Evans), the flamboyant and excitable host of the show. Delighted with himself and his ever-entertaining media empire, he’s all about encouraging the many meltdowns while keeping everyone’s glasses filled to the brim with their favorite cocktails.

Friends and frenemies alike will line up for tickets to this outlandish performance, so get a fun group together for the scene. Show times and days are March 29 through 31 at 7:30pm, April 1 and 2 at 8pm, April 2 at 2pm, and April 3 at 6pm.

Ironically enough, the setting for all this personality and charisma is an intimate spot, the restored 1,500-plus seat Shubert Theatre that locals consider the Theater District’s “Little Princess.” Let’s hope this tiny gem of a spot can contain it.

The Shubert Theatre is located at 265 Tremont Street in Boston. Tickets are available at